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Jim Kaat Speaking feeFormer MLB pitcher Jim Kaat has been announced as the main speaker for next year’s 27th edition of the Hall of Fame banquet that’s happening at the Crowne Plaza on April 5th, 2017. Tickets to get into the event will be $50 per person, and to easily reserve your spot in the audience give Lesa Schaive a call at 529-0008/ Kaat is going to share many fond memories he had from his days in the MLB as well as provide some inspiring and motivational words for The Hall of Fame Class of 2017, who are going to be announced in January.

The Michigan native has had just about every kind of experience a person who is interested in sports could ever want. As a player, he pitched for 24 years on the Washington Senators, Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees and finally, the St. Louis Cardinals. After retirement from baseball, he briefly served as a coach and manager for the Cincinnati Reds in 1984. In addition to that, Kaat has worked as a sports analyst and broadcaster in his post-athletic career with such networks as ESPN, the MSG Network, CBS, and even for NBC to cover the 1988 Summer Olympic games. The three-time All Star Player has won numerous awards for his media work and also became a color commentator for the MLB network’s show “Thursday Night Baseball” since 2009.

Kaat will be speaking at next year’s 27th edition of the Hall of Fame banquet that’s happening in April of 2017, and is bound to be a big hit with everyone who gets an opportunity to go.

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Michael Phelps Speaking FeeOlympic swimmer Michael Phelps was the featured speaker at the Quickbooks Connect conference in San Jose, California in Silicon Valley where he is also looking to take the next step as a businessman now that he has retired from professional swimming. After speaking to the audience about some of his battles at the several Olympic games that he participated in, Phelps shared that he is “getting his feet” wet into the business world and hopes to be able to showcase something during the year 2017. It is going to be a big jump for him to make, yet he is confident that he will be successful.

The Baltimore, Maryland native began swimming at the young age of seven when his parents decided that he needed an outlet for all his energy. At the age of 15 he qualified for the United States Olympic team, and was the youngest person to do so in almost seven decades. Up until his Olympic debut, Phelps won several gold medals at World Championship games which was a great way to set him up for the 28 medals that he would eventually win over the next 12 years and four Olympic games.

Phelps traveled to San Jose, California’s Silicon Valley where he was the keynote speaker that took place in October earlier this year. He not only shared some great words of motivation, but gave his fans a peek into what his future might look like. In addition to that, he took the time to pose for a couple of portrait photos.

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Mike Ditka Speaking FeeLegendary coach Mike Ditka was recently named the 2016 Walter Camp Football Foundation’s Distinguished American award winner, and he will be recognized for this onner at the Foundation’s 50th Annual National Awards Dinner that’s happening in New Haven, CT on January 14, 2017. Each year for this honor, the recipient didn’t have to play football, but he or she needs to know how to hold up integrity and dedication, practice honesty, and has proven in their lifetime that they can be a leader and pioneer in society. Ditka has shown those qualities over the many decades of his professional life, and this is why he was chosen as the winner for this year’s special award.

The popular former Chicago Bears coach also played for the team from 1961-1966, as well as with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys until the end of his playing career in 1972. The three-time Super Bowl Champion was the assistant coach for the Dallas Cowboys short after that, and then went on to become the name and face of the Bears for 10 years between 1982 and 1992. He has accrued many nicknames such as “Iron Mike” and “Da Coach”, and he has also been in several movies and television shows over the years. In addition to that, Ditka is a sports commentator and is in both the College Football and Professional Football Halls of Fame.

Ditka is going to be recognized in the beginning part of next year for winning the Foundation’s 50th 50th Annual National Awards Dinner. It’s going to be a great honor for a well deserving man and coach, and he will get to celebrate this award in New Haven on January 14.

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Peyton Manning Speaking FeeDenver Broncos legendary quarterback Peyton Manning spoke in Henderson, Tennessee on Friday December 2nd to take part at the 52nd Annual Benefit Dinner as they keynote speaker on Freed-Hardeman University’s campus. He spoke for quite a long time about how important it is to have respect from your colleagues, and people need to earn it instead of demand it. He also emphasized how key it is to have a lot of ambition and passion for everything that you set your mind to so that you can have the most success possible. In addition to that, the star quarterback made sure to keep the air in the room light by telling some entertaining stories and jokes from his world famous career in the NFL. The audience just loved having him up on stage, and it was a profitable night for the fundraiser.

The 14-time Pro Bowl champion was born in New Orleans and is the son of former professional NFL player, Archie Manning. His brother Eli is also a professional football player for the New York Giants, so it is needless to say that the talent runs in their family. Manning was first recognized for his abilities when he played the sport for the University of Tennessee, and he was the number one overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft where he was selected by the Indianapolis Colts. After 13 years with the team he was traded to the Denver Broncos where he still continues to excel.

Manning spoke at FHU earlier this month to be a part of this year’s Annual Benefit Dinner and raise money for student scholarships. He kept everyone on the edge of their seats with stories, motivational words, and encouragement for everyone to shoot for the stars in their own way.

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Drew BledsoePatriots Hall of Fame Quarterback Drew Bledsoe recently was the guest speaker of honor for the Gillette breakfast on Tuesday, November 29th to give a pep talk to the representatives of 12 football teams from the state of Massachusetts who are headed towards the big bowl games that kick off on Saturday, December 3. The event took place at Gillette Stadium for the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s state championship breakfast where teams from Divisions 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A and 4 prepared to kick off at 9 a.m. for the first game. It was a great time for everyone who got to attend.

The Ellensburg, Washington native played a total of fourteen seasons in the NFL and is best known for being the starting quarterback for the Patriots. During his high school years Bledsoe was a letterman in three sports: football, basketball and track and he even competed with the discus throw and javelin throw. He ended up attending Washington State University where he continued his football career and eventually entered in the 1993 NFL Draft where he was selected as the first all around player by the New England Patriots. After 8 years, he played for the Buffalo Bills for two years and then finished his career off with a year on the Cowboys’ roster in 2007.

Bledsoe recently attended this year’s Gillette breakfast that happened on Tuesday, November 29th at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. He served as the guest speaker and was able to give them a great pep talk before all the big bowl games began.

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Chauncey Billups Speaking FeeFormer NBA player Chauncey Billups recently gave a talk to the football players at the Cleveland Browns facility in Berea to give them some inspiration for the remainder of their season. Although he kept his words limited and to a point, he definitely lifted the spirits of the team and even shared with them some stories from his NBA career. Overall, Billups’ main message was to just keep working hard and he did leave a lasting impression on the team, as they were thrilled to have the opportunity to hear from another athlete who might understand and be empathetic to their challenges and stress.

The 2004 NBA Champion attended and played for the University of Colorado before being drafted to the Boston Celtics in 1998. He spent nearly 17 years playing for a number of NBA teams, including doing a couple terms with the Denver Nuggets right in his home state. Billups is a five-time NBA All-Star and two-time gold medal champion of the FIBA tournaments in 2007 and 2010 where he played on the United States national team. The former point guard and shooting guard was also the winner of the NBA Shooting Stars and the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award.

Billups recently stopped by to visit the members of the Cleveland Browns at their facility in Berea to give them a motivational speech and a pep talk. He was very well received and everyone was extremely excited that he could stop by.

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Shaun Livingston AgentGolden State Warriors gaurd Shaun Livingston recently helped his old school raise enough funds to expand their gym, get a better sound system for band and orchestra, and also a top rated storm shelter by donating $1 million dollars to them. At the end of November, they had a dedication ceremony for the expansions and even brought him back to his hometown of Peoria to take part in the celebration. In addition to that, Livingston announced that he would have some bronze plated footprints of his made to be on the display in the hallway next to the lobby, and he plans to continue to be involved in the advancement of the school. It was a very memorable event for everyone, and surely exciting to have one of their old alums visit for the special day.

The Peoria, Illinois native played competitive basketball during his high school years and even lead his team from Peoria Central High School to the Class AA state titles in both 2003 and 2004. He entered the 2004 NBA Draft where he was the 4th overall pick by the Los Angeles Clippers where he played for four years. He currently plays for the champion-winning team, the Golden State Warriors, but previously he also was on the roster of several other teams too including the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder and the New York Nets.

Livingston made a trip back to his hometown in Illinois to assist in the celebratory opening ceremony of the expansion of his old high school. Not only will he be forever memorialized in the building, but he is proud to have made that generous donation and remain a part of his former community.

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Bret BielemaUniversity of Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema has been announced as the keynote speaker for this year’s Mississippi Bowl banquet that’s happening on Friday, December 2nd at the MGCCC Hospitality & Resort Management Center on the Jefferson Davis Campus between the cities Gulfport and Biloxi. He is expected to talk about his career as a coach, and share some of his incredible experiences throughout the college football industry. Tickets to get into the event cost $10 for adults and $7 for students. There are also a select few tickets that are located in the main grandstand and are available for purchase for $20 per person. The event should be a very nice one that resonates with the audience for quite a long time.

The Prophetstown, Illinois native started playing football while he was a student at the University of Iowa under coach Hayden Fry until the early 1990s. From 1993 to 2001, Bielema was the assistant coach for the University of Iowa’s football team until he was offered a position at Kansas State University as a co-defensive coordinator. However, just after one year, he went on to take the role of the University of Wisconsin Badgers football team where he won 17 of his first 18 games and put his team on the map. It wasn’t until December 2012 that he announced that he was going to leave Wisconsin to coach the Arkansas Razorbacks, which is where he still works today.

Bielema will be the keynote speaker for this year’s Mississippi Bowl that’s happening MGCCC Hospitality Bowl on December 2nd. Tickets can cost anywhere from $7 for students and $10-$20 for adults, so be sure to pick up yours in time.

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Steve Fitzhugh Speaking FeeFormer NFL player Steve Fitzhugh spoke at the “Back the Badge” appreciation luncheon at the Fredericksburg Expo Center in Virginia. This amazing event was co-sponsored by the State Senator Bryce Reeves, who was a former local narcotics detective and served in the U.S. Army, so were lots of people showing suppose. Fitzhugh spoke a lot about adversity and how important it is to stay focused on goals, and how every police officer in the country has to give up their lives on a daily basis to protect their people. It was a very motivating and heartfelt event for the law enforcement community, and having the former NFL player on board to give a talk was the perfect way to pump up the audience.

Fitzhugh got his start in athletics as a track and field star, which eventually led him to a full athletic scholarship playing football for Miami University. After his college playing years were finished, he was signed on with the Denver Broncos in 1986, where he only played for two years due to an injury. The Ohio native then took his career in another direction as a author, humorist, and motivational speaker, especially geared towards guiding teenagers away from the drug and alcohol atmosphere. Fitzhugh now travels for a living and is invited to many different venues to give talks and speeches.

The former Bronco spoke at the Fredericksburg Expo Center in Virginia earlier this month to support the law enforcement community and to share a story or two about his life. Overall, it was a very successful event.

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Dana VollmerOlympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer has been announced as the 2016 Winter Commencement speaker at UC Berkeley. The 29-year-old has special ties to the campus, as it is the place where she attended as an undergrad student and is where she completed her NCAA and Pacific-10 career. While Vollmer couldn’t be reached for a comment, it is expected that she will share her story of hardships and victories with the students who are about to embark on their very own adventures after leaving UC Berkeley behind. She will be speaking at the Haas Pavilion, and campus committee is very excited to have her on board.

The Syracuse, New York native moved to Granbury, Texas as a child, where she began her swimming career under coach Ron Forrest at the Fort Worth Area Swim Team. She was the youngest swimmer to ever compete at the 2000 U.S. Olympic trials as a 12-year-old, even though she did not qualify for a spot on the team. Despite having heart surgery in 2003, Vollmer as come back even stronger to the pool and went on to compete at the 2004 Summer Olympics where she won her first gold medal. She also competed in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympic games and even became the first woman to win a medal after giving birth to a child.

Vollmer will be in California this winter to serve as the keynote speaker for UC Berkeley’s Winter Commencement Ceremony. Not only will this be meaningful to this group of students, but it will be a great day for Vollmer herself as she is an alumni of that school.

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