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Eric Dickerson Speaking FeeHall of Famer Eric Dickerson is about to host his annual two-day Judson Football Camp on June 6-7 at D.W. Rutledge Stadium, which is near San Antonio, Texas. He will be teaching children between the ages of second grade through high school some of the basic skills and fundamentals of the sport, and then put them in groups based on skill level for some live action games. All of the kids will do the same drills for practice, which is great for giving them such a solid foundation if they plan to continue with playing team football. Along with Dickerson there will be many other instructors helping out with the camp, many of who played with him in the NFL. Last year some big names like former Dallas Cowboys receiver Jessie Holley showed up. The cost for attendees to the camp is $30 per day and will be finished in the early afternoon.

The six-time Pro Bowl player is originally a native of Texas, and he also played with the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Raiders, and Atlanta Falcons in his career before he retired in 1993. Throughout the decade that he spent playing football on the field, Dickerson accumulated 13,259 rushing yards and 90 rushing touch downs. He also holds the record for the fastest player to gain 8,000 yards from scrimmage. Currently he resides in Calabasas, California and is occasionally involved with small media and sports projects, like his camp.

Dickerson will be hosting and running the 6th Annual Judson Football Camp this June and this will be a great chance for young sports advocates to get on the field with someone who has been to the pros.

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Jerry Rice, Steve YoungAthletes from all different leagues including the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB will be competing in a different manner this summer as they play for the prize pool of $625,000 in the 26th Annual American Century Championship golf tournament between the dates July 14-19 in Lake Tahoe. This is the number one celebrity golf tournament in the United States and it is known for bringing in plenty of participants to play in the game. What’s nice about the whole thing is that the majority of the players are not professionally involved with golf itself, so it evens the playing fields and makes it fun to see who steps up to their game. Over the six days of the tournament there will be a lot of fan interaction, autograph signing, and taking pictures with the stars. Tickets are free for all members of the military.

At this year’s American Century Championship there will be some big names, as there always are, with athletes such as Jerry Rice, Charles Barkley, Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, Bode Miller and Roger Clemens to just name a few. In addition to that, there will also be television stars like Larry the Cable Guy, Rob Riggle, and Anthony Anderson of the hit show “Black-ish” which airs on ABC. About 40,000 spectators are expected to attend the event.

The tournament is going to be covered live on NBCSN and the Golf Channel in the evenings of each day, and it is sure to be a fun competition to watch. Tune in this summer to see some of your favorite celebrities and athletes hit the green starting on July 14.

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Ray Lewis Speaking FeeFormer NFL linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis is going to be appearing on The Steve Harvey Show at 3:00 p.m. on this coming Monday, June 1st. Lewis will be discussing his football achievements of course, but he will also talk about how he stays physically in shape even now that he doesn’t play the sport for his job. This stems from his youth when he decided to get his body strong in order to protect his mother from all the domestic violence happening in their home. The former Raven will be telling Harvey about his routine and tactics for keeping himself on the ball.

The two-time Super Bowl champion got started in football at the University of Miami where he managed to score a spot on the starting lineup by the end of his freshman year. After completing three years of college he entered in the 1996 NFL draft and was picked up by the Baltimore Ravens, with whom he stayed with for all 16 years of his football career. The 13-time Pro Bowl player and a pretty rough childhood, but he used those experiences to make himself better and stronger for his mother, who was mostly his only parent. After reitiring from football, the three-time AFC Defensive Player of the Year took a job as a sports analyst for ESPN. Lewis now also has a son, Ray Lewis III, who plays the sport at Coastal Carolina University as well.

The linebacker will be on television for Steve Harvey’s show this coming Monday, June 1, and it is going to be an extremely interesting episode so be sure to catch it.

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Henry Lawrence Speaking FeeFormer Oakland Raiders player Henry Lawrence spoke at the 29th annual award ceremony for participants receiving an award for their work in the Florida Migrant Education Program in Palmetto. The program is designed to help migrant students from various high schools in Manatee County have the support they need and access to education to become successful citizens of the United States. Lawrence instilled in the students that they all needed a life plan, because you will never know what could happen from a day to day basis and preparation is the best tool. He then told those who didn’t have a life plan to get one now, so that they can achieve those goals that they dream of, and that they can do anything they want.

Lawrence told the students that he understands what it’s like to have a lot going on in your life, and how challenging it can be to juggle that with keeping good grades in school. The three-time Super Bowl Champion commented that he too had to work a lot as a kid, because he had no other choice if he wanted to survive and help his family. He also made sure to do his best in school so that he could come out on top and always had a lot of pride in his school work.
The two-time Pro Bowl player gave a moving and motivating speech to the youngsters and encouraged them to get and stay on the ball, because life is a big game that needs a plan of attack.

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Urban Meyer, Mark DantonioNCAA coaches Jim Harbaugh, Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio, and Brian Kelly will be joining forces this summer to host one of the most educational football programs in the country to prepare these athletes for futures in college and potentially the NFL. Each year over 1,000 students from around the country attend the two day clinic called the annual Sound Mind Sound Body football academy that will be taking place on June 11-12 at Dakota High School in Macomb, MI. Since this program has begun, they have instructed and taught over 12,000 high school student football players, with 72 of them making it to the pros. In addition to that, there have been more than 1,300 of them that get athletic scholarships to colleges.

These college coaches have been around for a while and know the sport front to back. They pride themselves in having one of the only football camps in the country that equally spends a lot of time in the classroom, too. Even though the SMSB football academy only lasts for a couple days, it is sure to change the lives of many of the young adults who attend it.

The SMSB academy is a two day instructional camp that focuses on mentoring and coaching high school students from around the country. In addition to the named professionals, there will also be several other visitors coming in to give motivational speeches.

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Connor McDavid Booking AgentNHL prospect Connor McDavid has drawn comparisons to the great Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby and even been called “The LeBron of Hockey”. All of 18 years old, he’s expected to be the #1 overall pick by the Edmonton Oilers in the 2015 NHL Draft. Now fans will be able to meet Connor at an upcoming signing appearance in Ontario on June 13th brought to you by one of Canada’s leading sports memorabilia company, A.J. Sports World.

Connor represented Canada in the 2015 World Junior Championship in Toronto and Montreal where they won gold on January 5, 2015. He served as one of the two alternate captains for the team. In the 7 games McDavid played at the tournament he scored 3 goals and a tournament-leading 8 assists. He was named to the tournament all-star team and already scored endorsements from Reeebok / CCM and leading sports nutritional company, BioSteel.

This is one of the first chances for fans to meet Connor and get an autograph at A.J. Sports World. Connor will be signing in store Saturday June 13, 2015 between 4:00PM and 5:00PM at 2720 Steeles Ave. West, Suite # 1 in Vaughan, Ontario.

Tickets will be available for purchase on their website until 48 hours prior to the event. Tickets will be also be available for purchase at our store on the day of the event. For more information, fans can visit www.AJSportsWorld.com.

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tom flick speaking feeFormer New England Patriots quarterback Tom Flick spoke at the 2015 Association of Legal Administrators Conference & Expo that took place in Nashville, Tennessee from May 17-May 20. Over 1,200 attendees went to the event and there were almost 200 booths that represented by 150 business partners and speakers, including legal industry speakers that can inform on just about every angle in the business of law. Flick’s main message to the crowd was that in order to be a leader, you have to evolve and grow your projects. In addition to that, to be a manager means to just keep it at status quo.

The Bellevue, Washington native got his career in football started by playing for the University of Washington where he led the team to winning the 1980 Pac-10 Championship. He also managed to bring them to the Rose Bowl in 1981 and the 1979 Sun Bowl. After his graduation, he was picked up by the Washington Redskins in the 1981 NFL draft during the fourth round. After a year he went to New England for two, then Cleveland for two, then one a piece with San Diego and the New York Jets. After his football career was over he created the business Tom Flick Communications and currently resides back in his home state of Washington.

Flick’s speech this May in Tennessee was highly rated and inspiring to the people who got to hear him speak. Since the former quarterback does a lot of motivational speaking as well, it wouldn’t be a shock if he were to be invited back next time.

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Kurt Warner Speaking Cost

Former St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner has been selected to be the keynote speaker for the 25th Annual Christian Day on July 19 in St. Louis, Missouri. Warner is set to start speaking at 1:15pm that day, and it will also be the case that the first 25,000 fans ages 16 and up will get a throwback Warner St. Louis v-neck t-shirt. Discounted tickets will be available for groups of 25 and more, so be sure to contact the hosts if you have an interested in going with a few other people. Warner is expected to discuss his career playing a quarterback in the big leagues as well as his unique entry into playing the sport professionally.

Warner played some football in college, but went undrafted after leaving school in 1994 and ended up stocking shelves in a grocery store. Since no NFL team was willing to give him a chance decided to try out for an AFL team and ended up really making a name for himself as a star performer. This caught the attention of the NFL and they invited him to try out for the Chicago Bears, but ended up signing with the Rams in 1998 instead. The Super Bowl XXXIV champion and MVP also converted to Christianity during this transition of his life, which is one of the big reasons he is appealing to speak at this year’s Christian Day at the Ballpark.

The three-time NFC champion will be the main guest speaker at this year’s 25th Annual Christian Day event and it can be assumed that this will draw in an enormous crowd to hear his inspiring story.

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Dabo Swinney Speaking FeeClemson coach Dabo Swinney is an object of speculation right now, as news has hit the streets that he will be attending an anti-gay group fundraisers sponsored by the Palmetto Family Council. While some argue that he is merely going to accept an award, other believe that he is going to be speaking at the event and find this highly offensive. There are petitions out there asking Swinney to reconsider going to the event of a group that does not see equality for all, and that as a role model he should be avoiding these kinds of functions that promote discrimination. On the other hand, people are also saying that he should have the right and freedom to speak to whomever he wants as it is one of the basic principles of this country.

The Alabama native is no stranger to the South, as he was born and raised in Birmingham and even coached for seven years at the University of Alabama. In 2003 he was hired by Clemson as an assistant head coach before becoming the head coach in 2008, which is the position he still holds today. In 2011 he won both the ACC Championship and received the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year award, so he has truly made a good name for himself in his career.

Swinney is currently under the spotlight at the moment and students and residents of the Clemson area look to see what he will do about being invited to the Palmetto Family Council event coming up. Whether or not he goes, there will be people saying he’s wrong and others saying he is right. At the end of the day he will have to be the one to figure out the right thing to do.

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Ron Cey Speaking FeeFormer Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Ron Cey has been named the keynote speaker at the Yakima Pepsi Beetles Century Club Baseball Banquet on May 29 at the Red Lion Hotel in town. Tickets will be available for purchase and will include a raffle for a 2006 Volkswagen Beetle and several silent and oral auctions happening too. It is expected to be a big hit and a fun time for all of the baseball fans who choose to attend.

The Tacoma native attended Washington State University for two years before entering the 1968 MLB Draft where he was picked up by the Los Angeles Dodgers and played with the team for 11 years. After that he did three years with the Chicago Cubs and then one more year with the Oakland Athletics before retiring from the sport in 1987. His nickname is “The Penguin” due to the way that he runs in a slow and addling fashion, but that didn’t stop him from having 316 career homeruns and 1,139 runs batted in.

Cey will be one of the main speakers at the Yamika Pepsi Beetles Century Club Baseball Banquet later this month, and it will be a good opportunity for the organization to raise some funds for their cause. A lot of the locals who have lived in the area for some time will remember Cey from his hay day, and that should make it an extra special event for them.

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