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earl thomas football campSeattle Seahawks star safety Earl Thomas III held his Annual Earl Thomas III youth football camp during the last week of June in his home town of Orange, Texas. Over 1,000 young athletes came to the event to hang out with one of their own local heroes, which included a lot of local kids but also many who traveled there from other states. Thomas oversaw a lot of the drills that were taught at the clinic and gave the kids a few pointers to help them improve their football skills both on and off of the field. The Super Bowl XLVIII Champion has been making a big name for himself lately with two appearances at the big game in the last two years, and the Seahawks popularity has been on a rise ever since. The camp concluded with a 7 on 7 tournaments on June 27, which was a fun way to throw in a little competition to get their motivation up.

The four-time Pro Bowl player got his start in football during his high school years which led him to play for the University of Texas Austin, but he only did so for two seasons before trying out for the NFL. He was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 NFL Draft and has found himself quite comfortable with the team ever since. The two-time NFC Champion is a key player on the Seahawks defense and has become one of the most feared people to take on during a game. In 2014 he signed a four year contact with Seattle with the possibility of being paid up to $40 million which makes him the highest paid safety in the NFL.

Thomas held another very successful youth football camp in his hometown of Orange this summer, and it goes without saying that the kids had a great time connecting with someone who is from their area and making national news constantly during the football season.

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Rod Carew AgentBaseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew has been announced as the featured speaker at the picnic-style dinner taking place on July 3 during the festivities surrounding the baseball history exhibit at the Clay County Heritage Center. The event is put on and organized by a number of local baseball stars and is sponsored by the Parker Historical Society of Clay County. There will be silent and live auctions happening and many of them are baseball related and will benefit the Clay County Heritage Center. Tickets to get in cost $15 for adults and $10 for children ages 12 and under, and dinner will take place at the Clay County Regional Events Center on the Clay County Fairgrounds in Spencer. Some of the menu items that will be on this year’s dinner will include brats, hot dogs, apple pie bars, chips, and baked beans; all of the things you might expect to find at a typical summer picnic.

The Panama native immigrated to the United States in 1958 with his family to New York State, and got his state in baseball by playing in the minor leagues in 1964 where he was discovered by Monroe Katz, a Minnesota Twins’ scout. He played for the twins between the years of 1967 through 1978 before going to the California Angels for another six years during the years 1979-1985. A few years after retiring he went back to coach the Angels in 1992 for seven years before heading up to Wisconsin to coach the Brewers for another two. The 18-time All-Star player is also a seven-time AL batting champion and will also be known as a part of Twins’ history.

Carew will be speaking at this year’s picnic-style dinner in Spencer at the Clay County Fairgrounds to benefit the Clay Country Heritage Center. This will be a great opportunity for baseball fans to hear from one of the greats who played in the MLB almost five decades ago.

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Chris Kaman Speaking FeeNBA player Chris Kaman spoke at the State Games of Michigan’s opening ceremony at the Fifth Third Ballpark on Friday, June 26. Kaman told the audience in so many words that he no longer plays to live, but he chooses to live to play instead. He doesn’t look at his career with dollar symbols anymore because that is not the focus of what he wants to accomplish. Instead, he is all about just getting the wins and helping his teammates bring home a title to their home stadium for themselves and all of their fans. Kaman emphasized the importance of passion in sports and explained that his reasoning for wanting to come back to the Portland area is because that is where he would like to eventually retire.

The duel-citizen became a German officially in 2008 due to his great-grandparents being from Germany which allowed him to play on their national team during the Olympics that year. He grew up in the Michigan area and went to college at Central Michigan between the years of 2000-2003 before he was selected in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. He stayed with the Clippers until 2011, and then eventually bounced between other teams including the New Orleans Hornets, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and now with the Trail Blazers. Aside from basketball, some of Kaman’s other hobbies include hunting and fishing with his friends.

The basketball pro spoke at this year’s State Games of Michigan during the opening ceremony that took place at the Fifth Third Ballpark last week. He made sure to convey to his listeners that at this point in his career he is just happy to be playing a game he loves for a living.

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Christian Taylor tiger balmU.S. Olympic Gold Medalist in the track and field events Christian Taylor has been selected as the newest Tiger Balm Brand Spokesperson in their most recent endorsement deal. Now he will be heading to the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio with the brand by his side, and even before then Taylor will be using social media and many in person events to promote Tiger Balm. The athlete plans on using the muscle reliever during his training sessions up until the big games, and the president of the company couldn’t be more enthusiastic about having someone with such a winning character on board. Tiger Balm is a topical substance is is great for taking away pain from sore muscles and it has been endorsed by many other athletes of all sports throughout the past few years.

The Georgia-born track and field athlete got his start with the long jump, triple jump, and 400-meter dash events while he was in high school, and continued to improve during his college years at the University of Florida. His first major competition was in 2007 at the World Youth Championships in the Czech Republic where he earned a gold and bronze medal, and then became the current reigning Triple Jump Champion during the 2011 World Championships in Daegu. Taylor then went on to compete for Team USA in the 2012 London Olympics where he also brought home a gold medal, and is currently training for 2016 Rio.

He recently signed an endorsement deal with Tiger Balm, and hopefully it will help other athletes become aware of this great product that is designed to relieve muscle soreness and pain. Both Tiger Balm and Taylor are thrilled to have him as a brand spokesperson and feel that he is the perfect person for the job.

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Toni Kukoc AgentChicago Bulls legend Toni Kukoc worked with several young athletes ages 6 through 17 at a fundamentals basketball camp at the Bulls/Sox Academy in Lisle, Illinois. At the camp the 60 or so attendees got to work hands on with the former Bull on footwork, ball handling, shooting, defense, and making free throws to improve their game and move forward in the sport. The kids who got to go to this event had a great time and admired Kukoc for his incredible coaching abilities, and hope to see him return again. It was especially meaningful to the young basketball players to work with Kukoc since he was a player for their local team and could relate to the area that they live in.

Kukoc grew up in Croatia and got his claim to fame getting started in the sport there before he noticed for his talent and picked up in the 1990 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. However, he didn’t have to report to the team until 1993, which he did and stayed with them for seven years before doing a season with the Philadelphia 76ers, Atlanta Hawks, and another four with the Milwaukee Bucks before retiring in 2006. Currently, Kukoc still lives in the Chicago area and has two children who are both involved in sports at their universities.

Earlier this month Kukoc hosted a basketball clinic for about 60 youth in the Lisle area where they got to work on many of their game skills with the former player. Overall the event was a success and it was a fun experience for the kids to connect to someone who played for their city.

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Ric Flair AgentLegendary wrestler Ric Flair has been announced as the host for The Atlantic League All-Star Game that is taking place at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard on July 8. In addition to that, he will be the guest speaker earlier in the day at 1:30 p.m. at the related All-Star Luncheon at the Housatonic Community College, and tickets to attend that are available to purchase online. Flair will be at the ball game for a Meet & Greet event as well as to throw in the first pitch to kick off the evening. It is expected to be a great time, and wrestling fans will pour in from all over for the opportunity to hear the champion of over 30 events.

Flair is known to be one of the best wrestlers of all times as he is the first WCW Triple Crown Champion in the sport. The legendary athlete has so many different involvements under his belt that include achievements in the WWF, WCW, NWA, and TNA. He has had two of his kids also became involved with wrestling, but unfortunately his son Reid passed away in 2013 from an alleged heroin overdose. In 2002, Flair was named the”greatest wrestler of all time” in the article titled 100 Wrestlers of All Time written by John Molinaro.

Flair will be speaking at The Atlantic League All-Star Game later on this summer and will also be throwing in the first pitch in addition to doing a Q&A session.

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Ray Bourque Speaking FeeHockey Hall of Famer Ray Bourque was the headline guest speaker for the Annual Hockey Axeman Celebrity Dinner on June 18. At the dinner he spoke about what it was like to win the Stanley Cup back in 2001, and went into depth as to how different the game is these days for defense players. Bourque commented that the rules have changed for professional hockey and it impacts players by forcing them to become even better skaters than they already were. In addition to that, he is still very much connected to the game through his two sons, Ryan and Christopher, who have followed in their father’s footsteps and are currently professional hockey players too. After a great Q&A session, a set of tickets that come with an opportunity to attend a Bruins game with Bourque were auctioned off for $3,000 which will benefit a charity in need.

Bourque was drafted to the Boston Bruins at the 1979 NHL Draft and stayed with the team for a full 21 seasons from 1979-2000 before going to Colorado for just one more. Even though he is originally a native of Quebec, he still considers Boston to be his home and continues to live there today with his family. After retiring he decided to donate a lot of his spare time to working with charities, which he also still does, and is a Bruins team consultant as of 2005. The former Bruin is currently the record holder for having the most goals scored from a defence player, reaching a total of 410.

Bourque spoke earlier this month at the Annual Hockey Axeman Celebrity Dinner on June 18, and even helped to raise some funds by donating a pair of hockey tickets to someone who gets to go to the game with him. Overall, it was a great talk and a fantastic hockey fan experience.

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Todd Bowles Speaking FeeNew York Jets head coach Todd Bowles gave a high school graduation speech at Elizabeth High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey on Tuesday, June 23. His main message to the students was that in order to be successful in life they need to have a strong sense of perseverance in their future. Bowles also emphasized that they need to find something that motivates them and that they are passionate about so that their drive for working hard never fades away. The Elizabeth High School alum could especially relate to this particular student body has he was once in their exact same seats when he graduated from that school in 1981. The coach had to remind them that they are at a point now where they need to do things to help both themselves and their parents. The students honored Bowels after his speech by retiring his number jersey from E.H.S.

From 1986 to 1993 the Super Bowl Champion played football as a safety for the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers. After that he took on various coaching roles for several teams including Morehouse College, Grambling State, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Arizona Cardinals until he became the head coach of the New York Jets in 2015. In 2014, Bowels was named the AP NFL Assistant Coach of the Year and the PFWA NFL Assistant of the Year.

Bowels took the time out of his busy schedule to go back home to his high school in Elizabeth, NJ to remind the students that he was once in their shoes and he hopes that they remember to persevere no matter what happens in their lives.
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Paul George AgentIndiana Pacers Star guard Paul George has announced that his youth basketball clinic camp will be coming to the Indianapolis area this summer on July 11-13 for kids in grades 1 through 12. Last year George’s camp was held in Los Angeles and he had murmured words that he would be bringing it to his team’s town in the near future, and looks like he was good to his word. At the camp the kids will get to spend each day following instructions on their game play, doing drills, and just focus on having a great time. George will be at the camp all day making sure that things go smooth, and even though he won’t be the one running each drill he will ensure that operations go well and then he will take time to hang out and play with the young athletes.

George got the start in his basketball career at Fresno State University where he played from 2008-2010, before he was chosen by the Indiana Pacers in the 2010 NBA Draft as the 10th overall pick. The two-time NBA All Star got permission from the NBA to change his number from 24 to 13 last year so that he could market himself as “PG-13”, which is both clever and catchy.

George will be hosting a youth basketball camp this summer in Indiana as he promised he would after his Los Angeles one, and it is going to be one of the best events in the month of July for kids. The children will get to learn new skills on the court, play some pick up games, and even interact with the 6’9 Pacer, who will remain on the site for the entirety of the camp.

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Isaiah Austin AgentFormer NBA Draft prospect Isaiah Austin has been announced as the keynote speaker for this year’s The Marfan Foundation Annual Family Conference that is taking place August 6-9 in Chicago, IL. Austin was a huge player at Baylor University who was thought to be a first round pick for the NBA, only to discover a year ago that he has Marfan syndrome and will not be able to play basketball competitively ever again. During the past year he has been going around the country and raising awareness of the issue, which has even saved a few lives of fans who might not have checked what was wrong with them otherwise. This will be a very touching and informative talk that Austin will give, and especially since because this is still very new to him it could be also be very emotional.

Austin was a Center for Baylor University from 2012-2014, and in a heart breaking turn of events he learned that he had Marfans syndrome just days before the NBA Draft that was going to make his career for him. He regrettably had to withdraw and has been doing a lot of traveling and writing a book to try and help other people who might have this problem recognize it and treat it before it’s too late. The 2013 NIT champion was even honored in October of last year by the Celtics’ at their opening game halftime show as a part of their “Heroes Among Us” program.

The 2012 McDonald’s All American winner will be speaking at The Marfan Foundation Annual Family Conference this August to try and raise even more awareness of the illness. He was a perfect fit to speak at this year’s event because of how the disease has impacted his life and what he is doing to overcome it and make it easier for people to recognize it when they think they might have it.

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