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Own a Minor League Baseball Team - How to Buy a Minor League Baseball Team

BaseballThere are a few things to consider when owning a minor league baseball team. Do you want to be a majority owner or just have a small stake in a team to have the claim that you are a sports team owner? There are major league teams, minor league teams and independent league teams to choose from. We've partnered with Wall Street Capital Management to help you with the entire process of investing and owning a minor league baseball team. Call us at 1.888.246.7141 to speak to one of our agents about investment into a baseball franchise. You can also contact us online with any question you may have.

Some successful Minor League baseball team owners include former pop singer [[Nick Lachey]], baseball's ironman, [[Cal Ripken Jr]] and strikeout king, [[Nolan Ryan]].

Decide Your Sport

Decide what kind of sports team you are interested in owning. If you are going to own a team, you should definitely love the sport. There are pro leagues in baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer, as well as minor league teams in each sport, which gives plenty of options depending on your investment.

Pick Your Market and Potential Team

Pick a team and market that you would like to buy. You should not buy the team you consider your favorite. Many important decisions may be clouded due to how you feel about the team and players as a whole. Try to find a team you like, with upside potential, but not a team that you consider your favorite.

Research Your Market

Research the fan base and surrounding market of the team you are interested in buying. It is very important to understand the fan base, number of season ticket holders, consession / merchandise sales and the competition.

Know Your Role

Understand what your role would be if you owned the team. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility in owning a sports team, regardless of the level. Meet with the present owner and talk with him about the roles of being an owner, responsbilities and duties. Some are silent partners while others are very hands on.

Understand the Team's Finances

Review the financial situation of the team. Understand all debts, contracts, and sponsorships that are associated with the team. You do not want to purchase a team without reviewing the finances, because you do not want to be surprised after the purchase and find out that the team is bankrupt.

Type of Sports Team Ownership

Own a Basketball Team Own a D League Team Own a Football Team
Own a Minor League Baseball Team Own an Arena League Team Own a Sports Team
Own a Hockey Team Own a Baseball Team Own a Soccer Team
Own a NASCAR Team