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901 Tequila Endorsers – Athletes Endorsed by Tequila

901 Tequila Endorsements 901 Tequila is a brand owned by actor/singer Justin Timberlake who imports the 80-proof tequila from Mexico. With a passion for tequila and not finding something truly unique he decided to create his own hand-crafted Silver Tequila, choosing the Tequilera Newton distillery in Jalisco Mexico, transforming a 60-year-old recipe into 901. As a famed star himself, Timberlake has the ability to market his own products with a tag line of “It’s always 901 somewhere.” Being famous has its privileges and with access to capital and a face that is recognized worldwide his business has become quite lucrative. The company also signed a massive deal with Live Nation the largest music promoter in the world.

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