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Affliction Endorsers – Athletes Endorsed by Affliction

Affliction Endorsements Affliction is an American clothing manufacturer founded in 2005 in southern California. The company makes graphic T-shirts, denim jackets, fleece and accessories, and has deep roots within the MMA community. Many of the shirts they make bear the log of top-ranked MMA fighters including Randy Couture, Quinton Jackson and Georges St. Pierre as well as world-class boxing stars like Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley.

Milwaukee Brewers All-Star left-fielder Ryan Braun developed his own signature t-shirt line for Affliction. NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth has an Endorsement Deal with Affliction as does Hong Kong athlete Alex Lee, an accomplished Muay Thai fighter who made his MMA debut at the Legend Fight Championship 4. Of course Randy Couture developed the Xtreme Couture clothing line in partnership with the company in 2006.

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