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Asics Endorsers - Athletes Endorsed by Asics

Asics Endorsements Asics is an athletic equipment company based in Japan and founded back in 1949. They produce professional footwear as well as sports equipment for a wide variety of sports with their running shoes considered to be one of the top performers for footwear in the market.

Olympic track and field star Lolo Jones has an endorsement deal with Asics, while two-time National Collegiate Athletic Association singles champion Steve Johnson signed with the company this summer. The 22-year-old remarked, “ASICS is a great partner that will provide me with not only high performance tennis apparel and footwear, but also a great all-around support system. They truly value their athletes and understand the individual needs that we have. I feel honored and privileged to be a part of their team.”

Many athletes endorse Asics, with tennis star Samantha Stosur, triathletes Lori Bowden and Simon Lessing, American decathlete Bryan Clay and middle-distance runner Sara Hall just a few who have Endorsement Deals with Asics. Sports celebrities offer one of the best ways to increase brand awareness as well as product sales. If you’d like to take your corporation to the greatest heights of success, an Endorsement Deal with a well-known athlete is possible just by calling the agents at Athlete Promotions at 888-246-7141. If you prefer contacting us online, by filling out our online athlete endorsement form, you’ll be on the right path to securing an athlete to be the face of your company’s service or product. >>> Book an Athlete for a Shoe Endorsement.