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Beer Endorsements – Athletes Endorsed by Beer Companies

Beer Endorsements Beer endorsement deals are common among all types of celebrities from sports to Hollywood and beyond. Behind nearly every brand there is an athlete, musician or other celebrities.

Famed former NFL head coach Jon Gruden recently teamed up with Corona Extra and Corona Light to showcase the launch of Corona’s “Find Your Beach for the Game.” There have been a number of NFL coaches who’ve starred in Coors commercials including Mike Ditka, Joe Mora, Bill Parcels and Jimmy Johnson. Even two of the most popular quarterbacks in NFL history, John Elway and Joe Montana became spokesmen for Coors after their retirement from the game. UFC Fighter Matt the Terror Serra has an Endorsement Deal with Bud Light and the Emmy-winning sportscaster Dan Patrick endorses Coors Light.

With the face of a revered athlete or other celebrity highlighting their love a company’s beer, the odds of its success can increase immensely. If you’d like to see your business do the same, an Endorsement Deal is one of the most proven methods of doing just that. By calling the agents at Athlete Promotions at 888-246-7141, or through filling out the online athlete endorsement form, you can make it happen for your company too.

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