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Billabong Endorsements - Athletes Endorsed by Billabong

Billabong International Limited is primarily a clothing company that also produces accessories and skateboard products under other brand-names. Founded in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant, the company first traded on the Australian Securities Exchange on 11 August 2000. The name "billabong" is derived from the Wiradjuri word "bilabaŋ" that refers to a "creek that runs only during the rainy season".Von Zipper, Nixon, West 49 and Element are some of the prominent brands that Billabong owns.From late 2012 onwards, following the company's collapse in the period since 2008, Billabong International has been the subject of a protracted bidding process that the company's former United States (US) chief Paul Naude has been a participant in.

Billabong has endorsed Freesurfers like Shane Dorian, Laurie Towner, Wade Goodall, Tyler Warren, Manoa Drollet, Sterling Spencer, Greg Long, Raven Lundy, Peter Mendia and Dylan Longbottom.

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