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Phil Heath Speaking Fee4-Time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath stopped in at the University of Denver recently to give a motivational talk to this year’s students. Now that it is the start of a new academic year, students might need that little extra push to keep going through the end of the semester and keep their drive up. Heath gave a talk in which he told them about his basketball career in college and how he ended up going for bodybuilding afterwards. In addition to that, the 35 year old emphasized that if he managed to move away from his home state of Washington and make the career of his dreams happen for him, so can they. Heath reminded them what a great school the University of Denver is and how lucky they should feel to be a part of it.

The Seattle native attended the University of Denver on a full athletic scholarship for basketball and studied both business administration and information technology during his years there. He was a Division 1 player on the team during his college career, but by 2002 he had found a new passion in bodybuilding and strength training. From 2005 and onward, he began to win titles through the NPC which allowed him to be a part of the IFBB professional events in 2006. Heath is still active in many fitness activities and was even on the cover of FLEX magazine for producing his own line of bodybuilding DVDs.

The University of Denver alum returned to campus this summer to give a pep talk to this year’s student body and encourage them to follow their dreams. He gave them the message that hard work, drive, and passion are the keys to success in achieving anything that they want to do.

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Watch Phil Heath Delivering the Keynote Speech at University of Denver Pioneer Prep: