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Jerry Rice, Steve YoungAthletes from all different leagues including the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB will be competing in a different manner this summer as they play for the prize pool of $625,000 in the 26th Annual American Century Championship golf tournament between the dates July 14-19 in Lake Tahoe. This is the number one celebrity golf tournament in the United States and it is known for bringing in plenty of participants to play in the game. What’s nice about the whole thing is that the majority of the players are not professionally involved with golf itself, so it evens the playing fields and makes it fun to see who steps up to their game. Over the six days of the tournament there will be a lot of fan interaction, autograph signing, and taking pictures with the stars. Tickets are free for all members of the military.

At this year’s American Century Championship there will be some big names, as there always are, with athletes such as Jerry Rice, Charles Barkley, Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, Bode Miller and Roger Clemens to just name a few. In addition to that, there will also be television stars like Larry the Cable Guy, Rob Riggle, and Anthony Anderson of the hit show “Black-ish” which airs on ABC. About 40,000 spectators are expected to attend the event.

The tournament is going to be covered live on NBCSN and the Golf Channel in the evenings of each day, and it is sure to be a fun competition to watch. Tune in this summer to see some of your favorite celebrities and athletes hit the green starting on July 14.

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Watch Highlights of 2013’s Annual American Century Championship: