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Anthony IanniFormer MSU college basketball player and first athlete with autism to be on a Big 10 basketball team Anthony Ianni is scheduled to speak at the anti-bullying rally taking place in Allegan on July 22. The event is being hosted by the town’s Riverfront Plaza, and Bryce Frost, the manager of the “Stop the Bullying Now” campaign was delighted to have Ianni on board. The former Spartan knows exactly what it’s like to be different and battle some of the harsh words shot at him by peers, so it’s fitting that he can stand up in front of kids now to declare that anyone can do anything that they put their mind to.

Ianni was the first person with autism to make it on a NCAA basketball team and also graduate from MSU, which has made him a huge inspiration to the local community and to people with autism all around the country. The 26 year old comes from two parents who were also both collegiate athletes, and he was born with that same inspiration to follow in their footsteps at MSU. He graduated with his degree in 2012 and now travels all over the country speaking to students as a motivational speaker. In October of 2013, Ianni combined forces with the Department of Civil Rights in Michigan to work on the “Relentless Tour”, which has led him to many other speaking engagements around the United States to deliver his words of encouragement to young adults who are in similar situations that he was in at their age.

Ianni is participating in a anti-bully campaign this July at Allegan Riverfront Plaza, and it’s bound to be both a fulfilling and mind-opening discussion for everyone that attends.

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