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Sugar Ray Leonard Speaking FeeLater this month WIN will hold their annual dinner that serves as their main fundraiser of the year. This year’s dinner will feature one of the greatest boxers in history in Sugar Ray Leonard as the keynote speaker. Leonard will focus his speech on his story while presenting a portrait of strength, courage, and resilience. The dinner will be held at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa on April 22nd.

Sugar Ray Leonard is a Rocky Mount, North Carolina native was the fifth of seven children and began boxing in 1969. From that time until 1976 Leonard would fight in several AAU and Olympic bouts while taking home the gold medal in the 1976 Olympic Games. Afterwards Leonard had planned to go to college but after circumstances changed he decided to turn pro. Leonard’s amateur career ended with a record of 145-5 with 75 KOs. After hiring Muhammad Ali’s trainer, Leonard began his pro boxing career in 1977 in Baltimore, Maryland against Luis “The Bull” Vega which he won with a six round unanimous decision. In Leonard’s first ranked bout he fought Floyd Mayweather Sr. who was ranked 17th at the time and won by knockout in the 10th round. After two years fighting professionally, Leonard finally got a shot at a title against Pete Ranzany and took the win with a knockout in only four rounds which made Leonard’s record 24-0 with 15 knockouts. Later in 1979, Leonard would fight for his first world title against Wilfred Benitez at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight went an amazing 15 rounds in what was a tactical battle that ended after Leonard knocked down Benitez which was followed by more landed punches by Leonard leading the referee to call the fight. Leonard was also a participant in what is one of the most famous boxing matches ever that is referenced by many around the world when they say “No Mas.” The fight was a rematch of Roberto Duran and Leonard in New Orleans, Louisiana and the fight lasted eight rounds but did not end with a knockout due to the surprising actions of Duran when he turned his back to Leonard and said no mas, giving up and retiring immediately after the fight. After multiple title defenses and a winner of fight of the year against Thomas Hearns Leonard decided to retire in 1982. The following year however, Leonard made an announcement that he wanted to return to the ring and in 1984 Leonard did just that against Kevin Howard. Leonard retired again after the Howard fight and sat a few more years before returning again. In 1996 after a few other returns to the ring, Leonard made his last appearance as a boxer against Hector Camacho and finished his career with a 36-3-1 record and 25 knockouts. Since his retirement, Leonard has worked as a boxing analyst and made appearances for multiple companies as well as acting appearances. Leonard is a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame, has two children, and is the god father of icon Khloe Kardashian.

Later this month the WIN annual dinner will feature one the greatest boxers in history, Sugar Ray Leonard as the keynote speaker. The speech will revolve around Leonard’s story and will present a portrait of strength, courage, and resilience. The event will again look to have a substantial amount of people turn up for the dinner and with legendary boxer Leonard in attendance that should only sweeten the reasons for attendees to be present.

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