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Carmelo Anthony Got Chocolate MilkGot Chocolate Milk? That’s a question New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony will start asking the youth across the globe. Anthony is the headline act for the new “got chocolate milk?” campaign. ‘Melo is the lone NBA representative among the 15 athletes taking part in the campaign.

From my days at Syracuse with Carmelo, it was evident he was going to be a massive star. However, the 5-time NBA All-Star hasn’t garnered the same sort of national publicity craze as LeBron James.  Anthony does have a marketable personality and it’s somewhat strange he hasn’t been featured more in national ads. Taking part in this promotion is a good move for him.

Anthony, featured in the chocolate milk ad, is quoted as saying, “After the adrenaline stops pumping, after the last shots have been taken, after I’ve gone all out, I refuel with chocolate milk to replenish critical nutrients and for high quality protein. That’s how I prepare for tomorrow. That’s ‘my After.'” Anthony will also play for Team USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Watch Carmelo’s Got Chocolate Milk? Ad Campaign:

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