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Calvin Johnson TransformersWith that latest installment of the Transformers movie series set to be released on June 21st, it is hard to turn on the television without seeing a trailer or commercial for the movie. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins and Josh Duhamel, it’s only fitting to have a promotion with Calvin Johnson, who played in a city known for cars and was nicknamed Megatron throughout his career in Detroit.

One of the commercials for Transformers: The Last Knight just so happens to feature former Detroit Lions great Calvin Johnson, who went by the nickname of Megatron during his great career in the Motor City.

Johnson is starring in a commercial for the forthcoming summer blockbuster movie “Transformers.” The spot pits his alter ego — Megatron — against his longtime nemesis. The film hits theaters June 21. If you company is interested in booking a Detroit Lion or Calvin Johnson for a potential appearance, speaking engagement or endorsement, contact AthletePromotions.

View the Calvin Johnson Transformers Commercial: 

photo Moore Management and Entertainment, 214 Films and Allen Iverson will release and premiere the documentary called “Iverson” at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27th at 9:30pm. The movie held at the SVA Theater 1 Silas is Executive Produced by Mike Tollin and Gary Moore with a cast of NBA celebrities including Allen Iverson, Tom Brokaw, Larry Brown, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony. AI fans purchase tickets to the premiere here.

“Iverson” is the ultimate legacy of NBA legend Allen Iverson, who rose from a childhood of crushing poverty in Hampton, Virginia to one of the sports’ greatest success stories as Iverson went on to become an 11-time NBA all star and universally recognized icon of his sport. Off the court, his audacious rejection of conservative NBA convention and unapologetic embrace of hip hop culture sent shockwaves throughout the league and influenced an entire generation. Told largely in his own words, “Iverson” charts the career highs and lows of one of the most distinctive and accomplished figures the sport of basketball has ever seen.

An iconic career who changed the way the game was played, Iverson was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers with the number one pick. He was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in the 1996–97 season. Iverson was an eleven-time NBA All-Star and won the All-Star MVP award in 2001 and 2005. For more information about Allen’s career, check out his official website, www.AllenIverson3.net.

Here is the Movie Poster for the Documentary “Iverson”

Iverson Documentary

Bo Jackson AppearanceThe legendary Bo Jackson will be featured in an upcoming ESPN film, “30 for 30: You Don’t Know Bo,” premiering on December 8 at 9 p.m. on ESPN.  “30 for 30” is a look at the man and the myths that captured our collective imagination as one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Jackson was the first athlete to be named an All-Star in two major American sports, baseball and football in addition to winning the Heisman Trophy in 1985. He spent four seasons with the (then) Los Angeles Raiders and spent nine years in Major League Baseball. Unfortunately a hip injury ended his NFL career early and severely impacted his baseball career.

Jackson’s “Bo Knows” commercials made him popular even outside the sports world. Bo will be forever known as a cultural icon and one of the most famous athletes of all time.

If your company is interested in finding out booking fees and availability for a sports legend like Bo Jackson or  or other sports celebrities for a Television Commercial, Autograph Session, Retail or Restaurant Grand Opening, Advertising or Social Media Campaign, or Guest Appearance,  call us at 1.888.246.7141 or fill out the booking form.

Watch this video featuring a clip for “30 for 30: You Don’t Know Bo”:

Usain Bolt AppearanceDuring this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live, the man widely known as the fastest in the world, Usain Bolt, made an appearance in two skits.

The Olympic sprint champion made his surprise cameo during a sketch about the vice presidential debates and he also made a brief appearance in a sketch called “The Californians,” sporting a bright, blonde wig.

During the debate sketch “Paul Ryan” tried to call on his “running partner” to verify his version of events at the Olympics, but Bolt would not go along with the lie.

The 26-year-old “lightning bolt” made Appearances across New York City over the weekend,  including stops with Piers Morgan and Sportscenter, but his “SNL” spot was said to have made the biggest impression.

If your company is interested in finding out booking fees and availability for an Olympic Champion like Usain Bolt or other sports celebrities for a Television or Movie Appearance, Interview, Speaking Engagement  or Autograph Session, call us at 1.888.246.7141 or fill out the booking form.

Watch this video featuring Usain Bolt’s gold medal win at the 2012 London Olympics:

Dennis Rodman AppearanceThe NBA’s notorious bad boy, Dennis Rodman,  is making a return to “Celebrity Apprentice” to appear in the first-ever “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.”

Trump announced on Friday that he’d be bringing back 13 players fired from past “Apprentice” contests, plus one notable winner. The NBA Hall of Famer appeared on the show in 2009. He posed with the new cast in New York’s Times Square with Trump, including  Trace Adkins, Gary Busey, Lil Jon, Claudia Jordan, Dee Snider, Lisa Rinna, Bret Michaels, Marilu Henner, Brande Roderick, Stephen Baldwin and Penn Jillette.

As an NBA player Rodman was nicknamed “The Worm” and won five NBA championships in addition to leading the NBA in rebounds per game for a record seven consecutive years.

If your company is interested in finding out booking fees and availability for an NBA legend like Dennis Rodman or other sports celebrities for a Television or Radio Commercial, Autograph Session, VIP Meet and Greet,  Product Endorsement Deal or Speaking Engagement, call us at 1.888.246.7141 or fill out the booking form.

Watch this video featuring Dennis Rodman’s infamous “flip out” on the Celebrity Apprentice:

Jeff Kent AppearancesFormer San Francisco Giants Second Baseman and National League MVP Jeff Kent joins the cast of “Survivor” this season, making its debut on Wednesday, September 19.

Kent retired in 2008 after a 16-year pro baseball career, but told ESPN that he was treated the same as everyone else during the interview process. Although he can’t reveal the outcome, he did say that going into it it “wasn’t a big deal.”

This season the 18 contestants are in the Philippines, and Kent revealed that with his competitive nature and 15-years spent on a Texas ranch in addition to being a hunter and fisherman, he didn’t think being on an island would be all that difficult for him other than the time away from his family.

In 2000, as a member of the Giants, Kent was named National League MVP and he was selected as an All-Star five times as well as winning the Silver Slugger Award four times in his MLB career. It will be interesting to find out how he holds up on the reality show.

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Brandon Weeden AppearancesCleveland Browns‘ quarterback Brandon Weeden proved that despite being the oldest rookie quarterback in NFL history at 28 years old, he might be one of the most accurate.

On ESPN’s “Sport Science” earlier this year, Weeden showcased his accuracy and velocity by hitting moving clay pigeons with a football, and reportedly his throws were going 48 miles per hour. How his throws will translate into wins on the field remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that he has some amazing skills.

Over Twitter, Weeden told his followers that it took him a little while to hit the first one, but after that he hit four out of five.

Weeden may be an ideal candidate for an Endorsement Deal that showcases a speedy, or accurate, product.

If your company is interested in finding out booking fees and availability for a great quarterback in the making like Brandon Weeden or other sports celebrities for a Television Commercial or TV Appearance, Product Endorsement Deal, Advertising Campaign or Speaking Engagement, call us at 1.888.246.7141 or fill out the booking form.

Watch this video featuring John Brenkus and the ESPN Sport Science team as they put Brandon Weeden’s accuracy to the test challenging him to hit clay pigeons with a football:

Olympic gold medalist and NBA superstar Kevin Durant has already achieved a number of remarkable accomplishments at just 23-years-old, and now he can add movie star to that long list.

The film “Thunderstruck” hit theaters on Friday, starring the three-time NBA scoring champion as well as Nickelodeon star Taylor Gray, Brandon T. Jackson from “Big Momma’s House” and Jim Belushi. Gray is said to play a Thunder fan whose lack of basketball ability is magically switched with Durant’s All-Star skill set.

Durant remarked, “Not too many people can say they starred in a movie as a basketball player, with a lot of different things they’re juggling, but I’m glad I did it.”

Warner Bros might have gotten a little lucky with their timing of the release of the film as well, with Durant winning the Olympic gold as Team USA’s leading scorer and a little over a month after he played against LeBron James’ Miami Heat for the NBA title.

Durant’s popularity is likely to skyrocket even further after the release of “Thunderstruck” this weekend, with basketball fans and non-fans alike getting up close and familiar with the impressive athlete. He already has a number of Product Endorsement Deals with well-known companies like Sprint, Gatorade and Panini, and many more are sure to come calling over the coming weeks.

If your company is interested in finding out booking fees and availability for an NBA legend in the making like Kevin Durant or other sports celebrities for a Product Endorsement Deal, Advertising or Social Media Campaign, Television Commercial, Corporate Appearance or Speaking Engagement, call us at 1.888.246.7141 or fill out the booking form.

Watch the trailer for Kevin Durant’s new film “Thunderstruck” here: