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Pepsi-MAX-Kyrie-Irving-Present-Uncle-DrewCavaliers’ rookie Kyrie Irving suited up, not for his next NBA match-up, but for his transformation in his new Pepsi ad. In his new Pepsi commercial, the 2011-2012 NBA Rookie of the Year stuns a few unsuspecting pick-up players as “Uncle Drew,” an old-school alter ego. Kyrie spent hours putting on the complete costume which included prosthetics and a whole lot of make-up.

Kyrie Irving transforms the basketball court into his playground as Uncle Drew and and he dresses up as Uncle Drew, a lethargic old man who pontificates on basketball greats like Wilt Chamberlin.

The Pepsi Commercial shows Irving being reluctant to play at first as the opposing team and spectators scoff at the substitution. After jacking up a couple air balls to throw everybody off, Irving starts taking over with a flurry of crossovers and long-range jumpers.

Pepsi and Kyrie inked the product endorsement deal after the success of Kyrie’s video in the Pepsi MAX for Life promotion video.

Kyrie, who was the #1 overall draft pick last season, is part of the foundation for the Cavalier franchise and has demonstrated that this season by averaging 19 points and five assists.

Watch the Pepsi Max Commercial with Kyrie Irving below:

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