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Brendon Ayanbadejo SpeakerBrendon Ayanbadejo, Super Bowl Champion and Civil Rights Activist, officially launched his website, http://www.BrendonAyanbadejo.net. Best known for being the star linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, Brendon has really put his name on the map by becoming one of the first NFL players vocalize his support for gay rights.

The three-time NFL Pro-Bowler and Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl champion understands both the pain of discrimination and the personal joy that comes from embracing an unwavering belief in equal rights for all. Fresh off his Super Bowl victory, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo recognized his personal accomplishments can be celebrated at a later time and devoted his efforts to promote and push for gay rights. Brendon vocally shared that he would like an end to homophobia in professional sports.

As a child of a biracial couple, he was taunted over his parents’ right to be married, and this harsh bias left its mark. Today he sees the fight to legalize same-sex marriage as the 21st century version of the fight for racial equality, and he has thrown himself into the battle for equal rights as if every day the Super Bowl title was on the line.

Brendon hasn’t always been privileged to play for the Super Bowl as he was expected to be chosen on the 2nd day of the NFL draft, but ended up never been selected. He entered the draft 5 times before he was picked up by the Falcons. He served on the practice squad of the Falcons and the Chicago Bears before being picked up by a Canadian Football team. After making a lasting impression in the Canadian Football League, Brendon returned to the NFL with the Miami Dolphins. The following season, Brendon was traded to the Chicago Bears where he was selected to consecutive Pro Bowls. His success with the Chicago Bears, paved the way for his next contract with the Baltimore Ravens. In 2013, Brendon helped lead the Baltimore Ravens to their second Super Bowl championship.

Many of these extraordinary memories and achievements can be relived on his new official website, http://www.BrendonAyanbadejo.net . His new interactive site also allows fans to watch video highlights, view memorable photos of his career as well as the ability for companies to book Brendon for corporate appearances, autograph signings, VIP Meet & Greets and product endorsement deals.

Watch Brendon Ayanbadejo Speaking about Gay Rights:




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