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Cris Carter Speaking FeeFootball Hall of Famer Cris Carter spoke alongside Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals spoke at this year’s annual NFL Rookie Symposium event that took place during the last week of June. The three day gathering is designed to help new players to the NFL get transitioned to playing in the pros, and there were plenty of workshops and talks that covered just about every topic ranging from how to stay away from domestic violence, managing finances, avoiding substance abuse and how to handle being a professional both on and off of the field. It was a really wholesome event and the majority of the players who attended really felt like they got a lot out of the whole experience. In addition to that, there were some familiar faces who are already well established players that were able to show them some of the ropes.

Carter, one of the speakers at the symposium, played in college at Ohio State before getting picked to play for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1987 NFL Draft. He was there for a couple seasons before going to the Vikings for an additional 11 years, and after one last year with the Miami Dolphins he retired in 2002. Another player who was there to support the newest additions to the league was Fitzgerald, who was the third overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. He was selected by the Arizona Cardinals where he still plays today and continues to thrive with the team. These two athletes had a lot of great advice to offer the newbies at this year’s annual rookie event and were able to give them a heads up what to expect in the futures of their careers.

Carter and Fitzgerald were two of the speakers at this year’s NFL Rookie Symposium during the last week of June. This is starting to become a key event for new players so that they are able to be set up for success before taking their spot on their teams.

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