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TacoCharltonEndorsementIt’s only fitting that a player named Taco Charlton would be drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 1st round and be a prime endorsement target for a city that definitely loves tacos.

“We had meetings with a bunch of restaurants that sell tacos and we were looking for a long-term relationship,” said Joel Segal, Charlton’s agent and president of Lagardere Sports.

Taco Bueno, a 3,000-employee company has more than 180 stores in seven states, but roughly half of those restaurants are within the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

“I actually fell asleep towards the back end of the first round of the draft,” Taco Bueno CEO Mike Roper said. “But when I woke up in the morning, my phone lit up with the news that the Cowboys had drafted a Taco. We had to do something.”

“I love my name and I actually do love tacos,” Charlton told the Dallas Morning News. As part of the deal, Roper said the company will have Charlton come up with some new offers for customers.

Roper said the 6-foot-6, 275-pound Charlton might be a natural to promote the company’s “Wholotta Box,” which features a combination of 12 tacos and burritos for $15. Roper also suggested the company might build a “Tailgate Box” product for fans to buy on game day.

The Cowboys defensive end, Taco Charlton will be used in digital spots as well as support the company from social media, his handle is @TheSupremeTaco which couldn’t be more perfect. If you company is interested in hiring Taco Charlton or other Dallas Cowboys players for appearances or endorsements, contact AthletePromotions.