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Detroit Lions Manny RamirezDetroit Lions lineman Manny Ramirez recently spoke to the Today Show about how he is striving to be a role model for his Hispanic fans and encouraging them to pursue their goals the way he has. Ramirez recognizes that there are not a lot of Hispanic players in the NFL and would like to see more people get the courage to come out and make the league a more diverse and versatile place. His main goal is to show other Hispanics that there is a foundation there and that no matter what people say, there will always be opportunities for them to accomplish what they want and to believe that. The 6’3 guard attributes the fact that sports are what made it possible for him to go to college, and that he is extremely grateful for the career path that he is on now.

The Houston native was recruited by several colleges for an athletic scholarship from places such as the University of Nebraska, Kansas State, UTEP, Houston, Iowa State, but ultimately she chose to take his talent to Texas Tech. He entered the 2007 NFL draft and was selected in the 4th round by the Detroit Lions where he played for three years before doing three years with the Denver Broncos, and then went back to the Lions for the 2015 season.

Ramirez was thankful for the chance to speak out about his heritage on the Today Show and hopes that many of his Hispanic fans decide to follow in his footsteps towards the bigger things in life, because it is surely possible.

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Watch Manny Ramirez speaking on the Today Show: