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Devon Still and LeahNFL star Devon Still and his little daughter Leah are the newest brand ambassadors for the company Starter, which is a Walmart brand of athletic attire. This is a very special duo teaming up to be the faces for this brand, as there aren’t many parent-child partnerships in today’s market for advertising. The Walmart company is more than pleased to have Still and his daughter on board with their campaign, and feel that the two of them will have a way of connecting with the everyday person who likes to shop at the retail giant. In addition to Still’s strength that’s shown on the field, many fans are aware that he had a even bigger battle at home with young Leah, who overcame stage 4 cancer in 2015.

The Camden, New Jersey native attended high school in Wilmington, Delaware, where it became obvious from the start that he had some amazing athletic talent. He then went to college at Penn State where he played on the football team for three years before deciding to go pro. Still entered the 2012 NFL Draft and was picked up in the second round by the Cincinnati Bengals, with whom he played with for two seasons. The Defensive End’s family was stuck with tragedy in 2014 when their young daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and Still had to put himself on the team’s practice squad so that he could be there for her treatments. It was announced in 2015 that after surgery, the young Still had successfully beaten cancer and her father will be back on the field in the fall of 2016 with the Houston Texans.

Still and his daughter Leah will become the newest faces for the Walmart athletic brand, Starter, as they are great examples of both inner and outer strength at its best. Be sure to look out for them on ads during your trips to the popular shopping venue.

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Watch Devon Still discussing his second chance with his Daughter: