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tony-dezIf you’ve turned on the TV or been on social media lately you’ve probably seen your friends and neighbors pouring buckets of freezing cold ice water over their head and then challenging their friends and celebrities to do the same. Well, don’t worry, people are not overheating and have not gone crazy. It’s called the #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and it’s for a great cause.

Last year the ALS Association found that only half the country had knowledge of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. So they came up with the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funding for ALS research and create awareness for the disease. Since its inception last year, the Ice Bucket Challenge has brought over 70,000 new donors to the cause and raised more than $9 million in funding.

Recently, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Dez Bryant joined the movement, and with the option to either douse themselves in ice cold water or donate $100 to the cause, they did both. Their reaction was similar to the majority of the general public, with both of them laughing, shaking, and Romo looking as if he entered a small cold shock for a few seconds.

The whole idea is to connect with one another and team up to serve a common cause. Often times after the shock wears off, participants challenge others to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge. Romo and Bryant are just the most recent celebrities to take part, and join a movement that is literally soaking the country.

Ya never know, maybe your the next to be challenged. If not, feel free to donate $100 to the ALS Association, fill up a bucket of ice cold water and dump it over your head, or both. But no matter what, make sure you challenge a few of your friends to do the same to keep the fundraising train moving.

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Watch Dez Bryant and Tony Romo do the Ice Bucket Challenge:




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