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Dez Bryant New Mexico StarsIt was a packed house at the Santa Ana Star Center on Monday, July 1st. Probably 90% of the fans decked out in Dallas Cowboys gear, the closest NFL team to their city in New Mexico. Fans were given quite the treat for an arena league team whose arena only sits around 6,000. Dallas Cowboys All-Pro receiver Dez Bryant was the biggest star at the New Mexico Stars football game Monday night. Orthrus Promotions, a key sponsor of the New Mexico Stars, choose Dez to be a part of their Fan Appreciation Night, and they got a treat indeed.

At halftime, Bryant talked to the crowd at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, with everyone on their feet standing and cheering for #88. After the game, he also meet key sponsors, team owners, players, coaches and of course his loved fans. Only supposed to make a two hour appearance, Bryant stuck around an extra hour, posing for pictures with a huge smile on his face for everyone. Bryant’s kindness didn’t stop there either; he lifted one fan from the seats into the sky box so he was able to get his photo taken with him. Even while trying to eat a slice of pizza, he paused to make sure every kid was happy. With a long line of fans, a player on the Stars asked Dez if he could talk to his son on the phone and he did of course. Holding babies, signing jerseys, flags, helmets, footballs and 8×10’s, Bryant was a crowd pleaser on Monday night.

The one gesture that sticks out the most was his invitation to the city’s firefighters and police officers to come to his sky box for a private meet & greet, taking individual photos, thanking each one for their services. As for the actual game, you can say Dez may have brought a little luck to the Stars, beating the Bandits 82-49.

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