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Eddie DebartoloThis Sunday, Eddie Debartolo Jr. along with seven others were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was a surprise to no one that Debartolo and the other seven men, including Dick Stanfel and Orlando Pace, were inducted. All of the men inducted this year have a long list of personal and team accomplishments that most do not ever reach. Debartolo won a record five Super Bowls in a short 14 year span.

Eddie Debartolo Jr. is a Youngstown, Ohio native. When Bartolo bought the San Francisco 49ers in 1977 no one would have expected what would happen in the 23 years to follow. The 49ers won a record four Super Bowls within a decade and a total of five Super Bowls in the time Debartolo owned the team. Along with the team being very successful during his ownership, he was also thought very high of in terms of his players. Many of them, such as Jerry Rice and Joe Montana considered him to be the most caring owner in the NFL and still refer to Debartolo as “Mr. D.” As Debartolo stated later after the sale of the 49ers was that he tried to run the team as if it was a family rather than just a business. He was one of the owners who made it normal for the players to matter rather than treating them as though they were only assets.

Eddie Debartolo Jr. was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this Sunday. The event was once again amazing and had a great showing of sports celebrities and legends of the game. The Hall of Fame induction, as always, gave fans the chance to appreciate the play of some recent legends of the game.

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