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Top Athletes And Celebrities all around the world gather at the ESPY’s to celebrate the brilliance of the past years sports. Well not far behind are the commercials which feature the cream of the crop from that select group of elite athletes. The fans were in for a treat last night as Gatorade took to the airwaves with the newest Usain Bolt Commercial. The commercial highlights the  the new G Series Prime Energy Chews which are Gatorade’s sugar-filled equivalent of Gu’s Chomps.

The timing of the commercial couldn’t have been better as it highlights one of the best athletes in the world during an event that praises their abilities, but it also is just in time for 2012 Summer Olympics which is just weeks away. Despite the upsetting loss at the Olympic Trials Usain Bolt this message for his competition in his new Gatorade commercial.

Below is the New Usian Bolt’s Gatorade Commercial:




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