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Lance AllredFormer NBA player Lance Allred is taking on a second career as a motivational speaker to help others with challenges live a life without limits. Allred is the first legally deaf player to be in the NBA, as he did a short term with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2008. Allred is going to use all of the challenges and struggles that he has endured in his life to show others that with persistence and hard work, even the most intense of disabilities can’t stop someone who is determined enough to get what they want.

The Salt Lake City native was born legally deaf and despite people expecting him to turn into a social introvert, Allred did just the opposite. He spent two years playing for the University of Utah but didn’t get to see much playing time with the basketball team, so he transferred to Weber State where his talents were put to good use. The 6’11 player began his professional career in a French League and bounced around to many different teams and also played in other overseas leagues in countries like Spain, Mexico, Italy and Puerto Rico. In addition to sports, Allred is also an author and had his biography published in 2009, titled “Longshot: The Adventures of a Deaf Fundamentalist Mormon Kid and His Journey to the NBA”. He is currently working on two more fiction novels that have not yet hit the shelves.

Allred is an inspiration not just to basketball players and athletes around the world, but to everyone who sees what he accomplished in his life despite not having functional hearing. Be sure to keep an eye out for him in the coming months and years, as he will be delivering motivational speeches as a part of his new career.

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Watch Lance Allred Speaking about being the first legally deaf player to reach the NBA: