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Dr. Jennifer Welter AgentThe first NFL female coach for the Arizona Cardinals Dr. Jennifer Welter has been announced as a keynote speaker for this year’s 2016 Equal Pay Summit that is being hosted by Montana State University in the Strand Union Building. The event will happen on May 2-3, and Welter is likely to discuss the challenges and triumphs of her career over the last few years. As for the summit, the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force was created to ensure that all employees in the state of Montana were subjected to fair treatment at their places of work, and to bring awareness to any discrepancies in various industries. Dr. Welter was named one of the top 25 most influential women in sports for the year 2015, and there is no doubt that it will be an interesting speech.

The Vero Beach, Florida native is a former player of many professional women’s football teams such as the Dallas Diamonds and the Dallas Dragons, so it’s needless to say that she has had plenty of experience when it comes to the football industry. She was also a member of Team USA at the Federation of American Football’s Women’s World Champion Games during the 2010 and 2013 events and even brought home the gold medals from the event. Recently she was given the job as the linebackers and special teams coach for the Texas Revolution, a men’s professional indoor football team. She was also asked to be a preseason and training coach for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals this summer and has proven that her knowledge and skills were taken seriously during her time in Phoenix.

Welter will be speaking this spring at the Strand Union Building to take part in this year’s 2016 Equal Pay Summit hosted by Montana State University. She has been a great inspiration to both women around the world as well as to the sporting world, so it will be a huge honor to have her present for the event.

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