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Hunter Hillenmeyer SpeakerFormer Chicago Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer delivered a Speech at a Youth Sports Injury Prevention seminar at Hinsdale Central High School to talk about concussions. In particular, concussions related to football.

The issue of concussions and safety in sports in general have frequently been in the news recently following the study released in September in the journal Neurology that found former pro football players are three times more likely to develop neurodegenerative disease than the general population.

In 2010, during the NFL preseason the 31-year-old took a blow that effectively ended his eight-year NFL career. Hillenmeyer had five diagnosed concussions during his time with the Bears.

Hillenmeyer noted, “Especially for something like concussions, they can be very tricky to diagnose, for reasons not the least of which are that a lot of times, if a player has a concussion, they are in an impaired state to even describe what’s wrong with them. You just sort of feel out of it, you feel dazed, it’s a very subtle injury except in the scenario of someone walking over to the wrong sideline.”

One of the highlights of his presentation was speaking about a meeting in 2009 with the NFL’s Mild Traumatic Brain Injury committee and the “disconcerting lack of knowledge about concussions that was evident, even among some of the world’s top experts on the subject.”

Hillenmeyer revealed that the fact out of all of these nearly a dozen doctors, it scared him that none agreed on the subject of concussions. He reiterated to the audience that ultimately the burden is on “the players to take concussion safety in their own hands.”

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Watch this video featuring Hunter Hillenmeyer talk about the signs, symptoms and importance of reporting concussions in youth athletes:




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