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Vin Baker AgentFormer NBA All-Star Vin Baker is setting himself up for his post-athletic career, and it is looking like he will be in charge of a Starbucks location where he is currently training to manage one. Baker’s basketball career came to an end in 2006 due to his alcoholism, and this retail position with Starbucks is feeling like a fresh start to a new road for success for him. Part of the process for joining the coffee giant’s management team is going through the same motions that a barista would have to, as it is Starbucks professional policy for their employees to know the ins and outs of the business. So, Baker has been enjoying his time learning how to make those delicious lattes we love and is extremely grateful for his opportunity to work for the Seattle company.

The Florida native went to high school in Connecticut where he received a generous scholarship to attend Hartford University to play basketball during his higher education career. In the 1993 NBA Draft he was picked up by the Milwaukee Bucks where he played for four seasons before going to the Seattle Supersonics for five years. In addition to these teams he also played for the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, and Los Angeles Clippers. Baker created the Stand Tall Foundation which gives underprivileged children a chance for a better future by financially assisting them.

Baker is turning a new leaf this year as he closes the door on his sports career and opens a new one working for the most famous coffee company in the whole world. He is thrilled about this new opportunity and is looking forward to learning more about Starbucks and the beverage industry.

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