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Olden PolyniceFormer NBA player Olden Polynice recently spoke about his difficulties in having being born with and overcoming the disability he was born with and making it to the NBA against all odds. In addition to that, Polynice has been named an Ambassador for the nation of Haiti by the president himself, which has indeed help bring lots of business to the island. In a recent interview about his life, readers got to find out about what an amazing life Polynice has been living and how he overcame his struggles in one of the most inspiring and motivating ways.

The Port-au-Prince native was borning with a rare disability in which both of his legs were turned inward, so he had to wear a cast on both legs for the entire first two years of his life. He was told that he would never even learn how to walk, which he managed to prove doctors wrong within just a couple of years. At the age of eight, Polynice moved to New York City where he decided that he wanted to learn English and how to play basketball. The basketball star says that he learned the game within four months, and eventually went on to play college ball for the University of Virginia. Perhaps the most amazing part of his story is the fact that he went from touching a basketball for the very first time to the NBA in only seven years which is remarkable. Polynice entered the 1987 NBA Draft and was chosen in the first round as the 8th overall pick and had 19 years in his professional career.

Polynice recently did an interview where he talked about how determination can help a person do anything, and he is a living example of that.

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