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Legendary NBA All-Star Yao Ming is making a difference in the world. Previously, the retired Houston Rockets phenom worked with the conservation group WildAid to help raise awareness about shark fin soup, a delicacy in China that is leading to the deaths of countless sharks. This time, he is working to save the elephants.

Ming and his wife traveled to China two years ago and saw how the elephants there were revered and treated reverently, but in Africa there is a severe poaching problem with hunters killing the elephants for their ivory tusks.

A feature film aimed at increasing awareness called “The End of the Wild” is being made from Yao’s trip. Conservationists have been warning that the poaching of elephants, as well as rhinos, is expanding at an alarming rate. The founder of Save The Elephants, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, said, “This new surge of poaching that we experienced intensely last year and in the first part of this year is rife across Africa. It is now time for individuals and governments to reduce demand for ivory.”

The legendary player is bringing awareness to this important cause just by his presence. With a strong ability to bring increased attention to any Charity or Fundraising Event, as well as much-needed dollars, an Appearance by Ming at your next Corporate Event could make the difference in its success.

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