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Joe Kines Speaking FeeFormer college and NFL coach Joe Kines has been selected to give the main speech at this year’s baccalaureate at Pepperell High School on May 20 at 6:30 pm in their auditorium. This will be a fantastic speech, because the coach has seen his fair share of life and will have plenty of great advice and stories from his athletic career to share with the new graduates. He will also likely discuss the importance of faith and how it can make a person strong enough to overcome their failures and properly handle their successes. He has been a great role model for the students in the area who know about what he has done in his lifetime, and hopefully he will serve as an inspiration to future athletes and coaches.

The 70 year old coach spent over three decades coaching for a number of colleges as well, including: Jacksonville State, Clemson, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida State, Alabama and Texas A &M. He has accomplished a lot in the college sports world and continues to be a good influence today on professionals and players involved in football. The Cedartown native also played the sport during his time as a student at Jacksonville State.

Kines will be the main speaker at this year’s commencement ceremony at Pepperell High School, and it will likely be a very motivating and captivating talk from the former coach.

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Watch Joe Kines Speaking at the Jacksonville State Athletic Hall of Fame: