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Corey WoottonFormer NFL player Corey Wootton recently traveled to Roxana, Illinois to deliver the keynote speech for the honors assembly at Roxana High School. The event took place earlier this year on May 11, and Wootton’s words were incredibly motivational and inspiring. In fact, most of the audience were able to see shining examples of Wootton’s true grit and were impressed by what he had to say. The retired athlete had the opportunity to speak to the entire student body of 550 students or so over the course of two separate assemblies and everything went extremely well. He shared stories of his time in the NFL that impressed the students and left them in awe, as well as some of his favorite life lessons that he learned on the field.

The Rutherford, New Jersey native played football during his high school years at Don Bosco Preparatory High School. He ended up attending Northwestern University, and shortly after entered the 2010 NFL Draft where he was selected in the fourth round as the 109th overall pick by the Chicago Bears. Wootton stayed with the Bears until 2013, and then did a year a piece with the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions before retiring from the sport for good in 2016.

Wootton was the keynote speaker for this year’s honor assembly at Roxana High School where he got a chance to talk to 550 students about his life and how to stay motivated in theirs. He shared great stories with them as well as many words of wisdom

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