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Jason BrownSt. Louis Rams Jason Brown was the keynote speaker for United Way’s fundraising event this year that took place at the Holiday Inn in Johnson City on August 13th. Brown told the audience about his journey as both a football player and a person, and how his decision to leave the NFL after only seven years was a need to have a more down to Earth, fulfilling lifestyle. The Center player was considered one of the best in that position during his prime, and Brown considered himself to be a very spoiled and bratty human being. His older brother was killed in Iraq in 2003 in a line of duty, and the former Ram says this was the pivotal point of his life where he started to turn things around. The attendees at United Way’s event were more than touched by Brown’s story and he explained that it is important to give back to other people from the heart.

The North Carolina native went to high school and college in the local area, and it was at the University of North Carolina where Brown got his great reputation for playing football. He never missed a single game and in the 2005 NFL draft he was selected as the 124th overall pick in the 4th round by the Baltimore Ravens. Brown played with the Ravens until 2008 before he was given a contract to join the St. Louis Rams for five years, which he decided only to play three of. After leaving his football career behind, Brown went home to North Carolina where he purchased 1,000 acres of land to have a farm and grow his own vegetables. Each year he donates several thousands of pounds of food to local charity.

Brown was the keynote speaker earlier this month at United Way’s fundraising campaign, and he was a huge hit with the employees and volunteers in attendance.

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Watch Jason Brown Speaking about his transition from the NFL to becoming a Farmer:

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