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Tim Green AgentFormer NFL player Tim Green recently visited the kids at Elizabeth David Middle School in Chester, Virginia on Wednesday November 18th. Now that he has retired from playing, Green mainly focuses on writing and speaking to youngsters about how important it is to keep reading. Green told the audience that one of the great things about reading is that it teaches a person how to be in someone else’s shoes, and ultimately makes it easier for them to do for others throughout their lives. Being kind to one another was strongly encouraged by Green as he spoke and it was clear that the students understood and followed along with his overall message. In addition to that, the former Linebacker is part of a campaign where he is motivating parents to get their kids to read at least 20 minutes a day in order to give them a better start in their academic careers.

The Liverpool, New York native entered the 1986 NFL Draft where he was selected by the Atlanta Falcons. He played with the team for seven years before retiring from the field so he could attend Syracuse University to study law. Green graduated from the College of Law in 1994 and began a new career of writing books and participating on the counsel with law firm Barclay Damon LLP. He is a published author of several books but mostly focuses on children’s and young adult themed stories.

Green recently visited the town of Chester, Virginia to talk to students and their parents about the importance of reading at least 20 minutes a day. Not only were the kids fascinated by his experience playing in the NFL, but they attentively listened to his advice about using reading to better themselves for a more successful future.

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