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trent-shelton-speakerFormer NFL player and motivational speaker Trent Shelton spoke in front of a packed house of more than 500 people at the ‘Dream Big’ event on Saturday, March 29. During the event he encouraged all those in attendance to take control of their own destiny and stop letting other people’s opinions and views prevent them from reaching their full potential.

He also warned the audience that ‘haters’ might try to discourage them from reaching their dreams, but then went on to say that by continuing to believe in themselves and surrounding themselves with positive people, they can continue to move forward and accomplish their dreams. “Haters are people who love what you do but have an odd way of showing it,” said Shelton.

Throughout his speech, in which he touched on a wide range of subjects, Shelton continued to encourage people to surround themselves with people who care about ‘who you are and not what you do’. His focus on this subject comes from personal experience, telling the crowd that he learned that lesson the hard way after seeing that some ‘friends’ weren’t there when he needed them most, especially as his NFL career began to decline.

Shelton played briefly in the NFL for the Redskins in 2009 after seeing time on the Colts and Seahawks practice teams in 2007 and 2008. Since leaving the NFL Shelton has become one of the top ranked motivational people on the web, and now tours the world speaking on behalf of his company REHAB Time.

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