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Don McPherson SpeakerFormer NFL quarterback Philadelphia Eagles Don McPherson spoke at the screening of the film “The Mask You Live In”, which is a documentary that depicts how students struggle with the confining nature of masculinity. The event was organized by the Elliott School of International Affairs and was held in the Smith Center Colonials Club in the Washington D.C. area. Along with the showing of the film, there was also a discussion, a first of its kind at George Washington University, which allowed the viewers to get together and talk about what they felt towards this topic. McPherson talked about how both men and women need to work together on not allowing toxic masculinity have a big role in today’s culture and society. Overall, it was an exciting event for the 200 students who got to attend.

The Brooklyn, New York native got his stardom for the sport during his college years while he was attending Syracuse University, and he was the runner-up to the 1987 Heisman Trophy award. In 1988 McPherson was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and then played for Houston Oilers before going into the Canadian Football League. In 1994 McPherson retired from the sport and went on to become part of Northeastern University’s staff at their Center for the Study of Sport in Society. He, later on, became the executive director of the Sports Leadership Institute at Adelphi University.

McPherson spoke on February 26th on the George Washington University campus to speak out against toxic masculinity and how everyone should work together to get rid of it. It was a very education, emotional, and exciting discussion for everyone who was in attendance

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Watch Don McPherson discuss patriarchy and privilege: