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Tom-Flick SpeakerFormer NFL quarterback Tom Flick recently spoke about the upcoming Super Bowl match-up between Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson in an interview with Kotter International. Known for his leadership skills during his career as a quarterback in the NFL, Flick has flourished as an inspirational speaker on the topic of leadership and offered up his unique perspective on the contrast between the two quarterbacks.

“Well, first off, they’re definitely different. One is fast and creative. The other is methodical, and incredibly precise. One is a brave, young, firebrand, and the other is an older, seasoned expert,” said Flick. He went on to add that Manning lives in the pocket, and all his work, commands, hand-offs, and throws happen there. “He’s reliable and consistent – you know what you’re going to get,” he said. In regards to Wilson, Flick noted that he is “a new brand of athlete that looks at the world completely differently. He’s unconventional, adaptive, adaptable. He takes big risks that have huge potential for payoff.”

As far as who has the leadership talent to win the game, Flick said that both quarterbacks are “polar extremes of playing style, but they represent the highest levels of exceptional leadership and good management – two styles, both are essential and have to be functioning parallel in order for a business to do more than just survive, to succeed.” He ended by saying that both quarterbacks are exceptional leaders, and both have the potential to win for different reasons.

An expert on leadership and change, Flick has traveled throughout North America and internationally to deliver thousands of keynotes and custom presentations to countless organizations, including clients such as Microsoft, Starbucks, NASA, and the Pentagon. He is one of the world’s most sought after speakers and mentors in the area of leadership.

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