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Scotty Bowman Speaking FeeFormer Montreal Canadians coach Scotty Bowman was the speaker at this year’s annual NFL Coaches Association symposium in South Florida in June. He proceeded Rocky Thompson, an assistant coach for the Edmonton Oilers, who had big shoes to fill on the stage before he took the spotlight. It was a special treat to have Bowman attend as he is one of the most reputable coaches ever to participate in professional hockey. The legendary coach spoke a lot about his experiences in the NHL as well as how he managed to take his teams to 14 Stanley Cups over his career.

The Quebec native began his coaching career in the 1950’s and joined the NHL in 1967 where he coached teams until 2002. After he retired from the job he continued to stay involved in hockey as a consultant for various teams up until 2015. In addition to that he still holds the record for most wins in the NHL’s league history with a total of 1,244 games for the win in regular season games. In 2003 Bowman was inaugurated into Canada’s Walk of Fame and currently lives in New York state with his wife, with whom he has five children.

Bowman spoke in late June at the annual NHL Coaches Association symposium that took place in South Florida, and it was both an honor and special day for the coaches who attended to hear from and meet with possibly one of the best coaches in the NHL history.

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