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Maurice Clarett Speaking FeeFormer Ohio State football star Maurice Clarett recently took part in an interview with USA Today in hopes to spread his advice and what he learned to high school students. During his talk with reporter Jason Jordan, Clarett said that the biggest thing young adults need to do before going on with life after high school is to find themselves. He implied that a lot of his mistakes and infringements with the law had to do with the fact that he didn’t know himself too well, and was going for what he thought was his only chance at success. Clarett also announced that he currently made a turn for his life for the better, and makes it a priority of his to give motivational speeches to as many teens as he can. After having a tough past, the former football player has come to terms with that he did wrong and is trying to help others avoid his path of destruction.

The Ohio native was clearly an athletic star from his early years, as he was a great asset to his high school football team which earned him scholarship offers from many schools. In the end he decided to stay close to home and play for Ohio State, and over the course of his time there he really built up a positive reputation. Things took a turn for the worse in 2002 after he made a public scene for the school not purchasing his plane ticket to fly home for a funeral, and shortly after that he was accused of an academic scandal in which he was thought to get preferential treatment from professors. In 2003 he found himself in trouble with the law for filing false police reports and for being a part of a robbery which led OSU to dismiss him from the school. Clarett’s obstacles followed him through his NFL Draft, which caused a lot of drama and eventually he got himself signed on with the Broncos and released a month later. These days he has found ways to get his life back on track and is dedicated to helping others learn from his mistakes.

Clarett willingly took part in an interview with USA Today in early September of 2015, and hopes to be able to speak to more high school students about finding out who they are before attempting to pursue their future careers.

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