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Brian Billick knows a thing or two about leadership. During his nine seasons as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens he led the franchise to a Super Bowl Championship in 2001 and an AFC Championship in 2000 while also posting a 80-64 overall record. On February 20 he took his knowledge of leadership to the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Luncheon and spoke to the crowd about what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive market.

One tip he gave business leaders is to view their employees as partners, noting that in the digital age, when information is just a website search or text message away, the “my way or the highway mentality,” is a thing of the past. “The old way is easier, ‘shut up and do what I say,'” said Billick. “That doesn’t exist anymore. Everybody has the same access to everything.”

Billick closed out his guest appearance at the event by talking about judging talent and making sure each employee is someone you want to partner with. To make his point he told the story about how he met his wife, saying that they met at a Fourth of July party and talked every day afterward, but “between meeting and marrying, we had physically been in the same room for five days,” he said. “Talk about sizing up talent, being willing to pull that trigger and go.”

Billick coached professionally in the NFL for 15 years. Since his retirement in 2007 he has worked as an expert football analyst for NFL on Fox and can often be seen making appearance on the NFL Network and ESPN’s hit show Mike and Mike in the Morning.

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