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Bill Goldberg Speaking FeeFormer WWE superstar and Former NFL player Bill Goldberg recently gave an interview about his newest upcoming film that is due to be released in May of next year. The film, “Check Point” is set to hit theaters on Memorial Day and is about a vagrant who discovers a town that has been inhabited by sleeper terrorists. The group of defenders use their best moves and planning to take back control of the town and ensure that everyone gets to continue living there safely. Goldberg described that movie as being a lot of fun to make, and just about all of the actors on the set had a great sense of patriotism so it made it a more meaningful experience. In addition to that, Goldberg made a comment as to how relevant the topic of the film is these days with all of the combat and chaos happening with terrorism around the globe.

The California native had always been gifted when it came to athletics, and he started out as an avid football player and even got a scholarship to play for the University of Georgia. He entered the 1990 NFL draft and was selected by the Los Angeles Rams with whom he played with for his first two seasons in the league. Then he spent a few months on a stint playing for the Canadian Football League before returning to the NFL to join the Atlanta Falcons for two seasons, but unfortunately had to resign after he tore his pelvis. Thereafter he began to look into martial arts which ended up guiding him to his second sports career as a professional WWE wrestler. In addition to that, Goldberg has been acting in movies and other works since 1998 which is what led him to this opportunity.

Goldberg will be featured in an upcoming film that is to be released on Memorial Day of next year, and during a recent interview about it he admitted to really enjoying his acting career.

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