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Gabby Reece AgentProfessional volleyball player, sports broadcaster and model Gabby Reece was just announced as the new brand ambassador for the healthy snack bar brand, Balance Bar. It’s common knowledge that people don’t feel truly in sync with the world after the winter seasons, so the summer time is a great opportunity for people to get back in shape. The Balance Bar Company is committed to giving people healthier options that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients so that they can combine that with exercise to feel good both inside and out. Throughout the next few months, Reece will be giving advice and tips on how to get back in gear with fitness through her Summer Shape Up events on Twitter.

The California native grew up in the Virgin Islands but attended college at Florida State University where she participated on the volleyball team, which segwayed into a profession for several years after she graduated from the institution. Almost immediately that year she and her 4-person team placed first at the inaugural Beach Volleyball World Championships which happened at the UCLA Tennis Center. In addition to that, she also spent a few years hosting ESPN and NBC’s Gravity Games shows and took on a few modeling jobs during the 1980s and early 1990s. Reece also dabbled with some acting jobs and writing a book about her definition of femininity titled, “My Foot Is Too Big For The Glass Slipper: A Guide to the Less Than Perfect Life.”

Reece is going to be this year’s brand ambassador for Balance Bar, and she is hoping to set the ball in motion for inspiriting people to get outdoors, and enjoy some of that summer sun while exercising.

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Watch Gabby Reece Speaking with her Husband about their careers: