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Christian Taylor tiger balmU.S. Olympic Gold Medalist in the track and field events Christian Taylor has been selected as the newest Tiger Balm Brand Spokesperson in their most recent endorsement deal. Now he will be heading to the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio with the brand by his side, and even before then Taylor will be using social media and many in person events to promote Tiger Balm. The athlete plans on using the muscle reliever during his training sessions up until the big games, and the president of the company couldn’t be more enthusiastic about having someone with such a winning character on board. Tiger Balm is a topical substance is is great for taking away pain from sore muscles and it has been endorsed by many other athletes of all sports throughout the past few years.

The Georgia-born track and field athlete got his start with the long jump, triple jump, and 400-meter dash events while he was in high school, and continued to improve during his college years at the University of Florida. His first major competition was in 2007 at the World Youth Championships in the Czech Republic where he earned a gold and bronze medal, and then became the current reigning Triple Jump Champion during the 2011 World Championships in Daegu. Taylor then went on to compete for Team USA in the 2012 London Olympics where he also brought home a gold medal, and is currently training for 2016 Rio.

He recently signed an endorsement deal with Tiger Balm, and hopefully it will help other athletes become aware of this great product that is designed to relieve muscle soreness and pain. Both Tiger Balm and Taylor are thrilled to have him as a brand spokesperson and feel that he is the perfect person for the job.

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Watch Christian Taylor Speaking about Preparing for the Olympics: