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Bobby BowdenHall of Fame coach Bobby Bowden has been announced as the guest speaker for this year’s Good Scout Luncheon which happened on May 10th in Savannah, Georgia. The event was put on by The Coastal Georgia Council Boy Scouts of America and held at the local Hyatt Regency. Bowden talked about how something as small as a few words can greatly impact someone’s life for the better, and that is one of the fantastic traits of the Boy Scouts of America Foundation. In addition to that, the former coach shared a few stories with the audience that he felt would entertain them as well as teach them something on a larger scale. Overall, it was a fantastic event that all of the attendees enjoyed.

The Birmingham, Alabama native was a star football player for his high school team during his childhood and went on to be the quarterback for the University of Alabama. In 1954 he began his coaching career as an assistant coach for Howard College for two years. Until 1970, Bowden did a variety of different coaching jobs for Howard, Florida State, and South Georgia JC before becoming the head coach of West Virginia. After just five years on the job he took on a head coach position for Florida State University where he stayed for 34 years before retiring. Bowden’s impact on the college football world was so profound that he even had an award named after him in 2010.

Bowden recently spoke at the Good Scout Luncheon that took place in early Mar at the Hyatt Regency in Savannah, Georgia. It was a fantastic event that turned out to be exciting for everyone who got to attend.

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Watch Bobby Bowden Speaking about his Years as an FSU Coach: