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Ray Bourque Speaking FeeHockey Hall of Famer Ray Bourque was the headline guest speaker for the Annual Hockey Axeman Celebrity Dinner on June 18. At the dinner he spoke about what it was like to win the Stanley Cup back in 2001, and went into depth as to how different the game is these days for defense players. Bourque commented that the rules have changed for professional hockey and it impacts players by forcing them to become even better skaters than they already were. In addition to that, he is still very much connected to the game through his two sons, Ryan and Christopher, who have followed in their father’s footsteps and are currently professional hockey players too. After a great Q&A session, a set of tickets that come with an opportunity to attend a Bruins game with Bourque were auctioned off for $3,000 which will benefit a charity in need.

Bourque was drafted to the Boston Bruins at the 1979 NHL Draft and stayed with the team for a full 21 seasons from 1979-2000 before going to Colorado for just one more. Even though he is originally a native of Quebec, he still considers Boston to be his home and continues to live there today with his family. After retiring he decided to donate a lot of his spare time to working with charities, which he also still does, and is a Bruins team consultant as of 2005. The former Bruin is currently the record holder for having the most goals scored from a defence player, reaching a total of 410.

Bourque spoke earlier this month at the Annual Hockey Axeman Celebrity Dinner on June 18, and even helped to raise some funds by donating a pair of hockey tickets to someone who gets to go to the game with him. Overall, it was a great talk and a fantastic hockey fan experience.

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