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Isaiah Austin AgentFormer NBA Draft prospect Isaiah Austin has been announced as the keynote speaker for this year’s The Marfan Foundation Annual Family Conference that is taking place August 6-9 in Chicago, IL. Austin was a huge player at Baylor University who was thought to be a first round pick for the NBA, only to discover a year ago that he has Marfan syndrome and will not be able to play basketball competitively ever again. During the past year he has been going around the country and raising awareness of the issue, which has even saved a few lives of fans who might not have checked what was wrong with them otherwise. This will be a very touching and informative talk that Austin will give, and especially since because this is still very new to him it could be also be very emotional.

Austin was a Center for Baylor University from 2012-2014, and in a heart breaking turn of events he learned that he had Marfans syndrome just days before the NBA Draft that was going to make his career for him. He regrettably had to withdraw and has been doing a lot of traveling and writing a book to try and help other people who might have this problem recognize it and treat it before it’s too late. The 2013 NIT champion was even honored in October of last year by the Celtics’ at their opening game halftime show as a part of their “Heroes Among Us” program.

The 2012 McDonald’s All American winner will be speaking at The Marfan Foundation Annual Family Conference this August to try and raise even more awareness of the illness. He was a perfect fit to speak at this year’s event because of how the disease has impacted his life and what he is doing to overcome it and make it easier for people to recognize it when they think they might have it.

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