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Linsanity is making headlines once again as he decides which team to sign with. ESPN and other news airways have been speculating that he will either be taking his talents to the Houston Rockets or to the New York Knicks. From a marketing perspective, both markets will serve Jeremy Lin an opportunity to maximize in endorsement dollars. The Houston Rockets have previously served as a great home for International Sensation Yao Ming to grow his brand. As a player for the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming secured endorsement deals with Reebok, Nike, Apple Computer and Visa. Players have also been served welled in the “Melting Pot” Of New York.  So much so that international players have been inclined to choose the New York Knicks because of their incredibly large market and diverse audience.

Regardless of his decision,Jeremy Lin’s Harvard education, international influence, and unique style on the court will fuel his next record setting endorsement deal. In fact, as companies look to expand in the Asian Market, they are turning to Jeremy Lin as his popularity has grown rapidly in Asia. Using Jeremy Lin in the Asian market will be huge way to gain acceptance and popularity especially for the luxury brands looking to gain quick ground.

In fact, Jeremy Lin and his agent, Roger Montgomery, has had over 1,000 e-mails from companies who want to strike endorsement deals with him. The world, along with CEO’s await Jeremy Lin’s next move.

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