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Joe Gibbs not only led the Washington Redskins to three Super Bowl Championship titles as their legendary head coach throughout the ’80s and into the ’90s, after he retired from football he led his racing team to three NASCAR cup series championships.

On Wednesday morning, Gibbs made a Television Appearance on “Fox & Friends” to discuss his success, his new books, and his faith. In addition to his amazing accomplishments in the world of sports, he is also an acclaimed author and has two brand-new books called, “Game Plan for Life: Chalk Talks Devotional,” and “Game Plan for Life Bible,” which serve to tell his incredible story.

Coach Gibbs remarked, “You and I are the players in the biggest game of all. What do you have to have to play the right game? The right team, the right head coach and you’ve got to have a game plan. ”

The Pro Hall of Famer is frequently called upon for Speaking Engagements, delivering a message that guides his life and, he hopes, can change others. He has made powerful speeches in front of many different groups, including thousands of prisoners, telling them: “Listen, I know you’re struggling right now. Here’s the deal: The only thing we’re going to leave on this Earth worth anything is the influence we’re having on others. There’s a lot of people we’re going to impact. The question is — for you and [me] — how are we impacting them?”

Gibbs has likely made a positive difference in a large number of people from all walks of life, and will certainly have an impact on the professional and personal lives of many in the future.

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Watch this Video featuring Joe Gibbs talk about what it’s like to speak to thousands of prisoners with hopes of making a difference in their lives:




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