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Joe Theismann AppearanceFormer Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann made a cameo appearance on the new “Late Show” that is now being hosted by Stephen Colbert. It was on the premiere of the new series that Colbert made a comment about having his program on after Thursday night football, and then the scene cut to various retired NFL players. When Theismann took the screen, he was portraying himself behind one of the Late Show cameras and was wearing his Redskins attire. He told Colbert that he was used to being in front of the camera instead of behind it, which brought about some laughs from the audience.

The XVII Super Bowl got his football career started while he attended the University of Notre Dame as one of their starting quarterbacks. In the 1971 NFL draft, Theismann was selected by the Miami Dolphins but under an agreement he went to play for the CFL Toronto Argonauts for three years. In 1974 he came back to the United States and went to play with the Washington Redskins for the next 11 years, and his career was ended abruptly by a compound leg fracture during a Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants. Since then he has participated in several sports related jobs and also taken on a few acting roles for various films and guest appearances.

Theismann was seen on the new Late Show this month as a part of Stephen Colbert’s premiere episode. The two-time Pro Bowl player had a chance to pose as one of the cameramen on site and got a great laugh out of the audience.

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Watch Joe Theismann on the Stephen Colbert Episode: