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Hiring Katherine WebbCollege Football Fans across the country anxiously waited over 40 days for the BCS National Championship. Fans expected there to be a gridiron war between the number one ranked Notre Dame and number 2 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. Viewers were in for a surprise as the game turned into blowout with 4:22 left in the first quarter.

ESPN and their camera crew wasted no time to find a source of entertainment for viewers at home and they found a diamond in the rough as they paneled over to  the girlfriend of Alabama QB Katherine Webb. As the camera zeroed in on the brown-haired, green-eyed stunner in the stands next to McCarron’s mother, veteran ESPN announcer Brent Musburger spoke quite generously of her stunning looks and shortly there after a star was born.

Within a blink of an eye, The 2012 Miss Alabama saw her Twitter followers explode from about 2,300 before kickoff to close to roughly 230,000, with her legion of fans including NBA superstar LeBron James.

Shortly after the game, reporters ran to AJ McCarron to ask him if he knew that his girlfriend Katherine Webb was trending on twitter and that her followers jumped to several hundred thousand. The Alabama QB chucked and thought the reporters were joking, but he quickly found out his girlfriend had become an overnight sensation.

The following day, Katherine Webb appeared on the Carson Daly Radio show where she talked about her overnight social media fame. Many believe this is only the start and many companies will be soon reaching out to her to be an appearance or be a guest speaker.

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