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Kenny Smith and Seth DavisTNT NBA Analyst Kenny Smith and studio analyst for CBS’s NCAA men’s college basketball Seth Davis are being featured in a commercial for Burger King promoting their special 2 for $5 deal going on right now. Since March Madness is upon us, people are paying lots of attention to the big college basketball event that goes on each year. Using that theme, the restaurant chain has decided to incorporate the two sports figures into the show to give the advertisement a fun “madness” theme.

Davis attended the big basketball school Duke University and graduated in 1992 with a political science degree. During his college years he was a host of a sports program on the cable television show on Cable 13 and also wrote as a sports columnist for the campus daily paper called “The Chronicle.” After he graduated he went on to write for The New Haven Register before taking the job with Sports Illustrated. In 2003 he authored his first book about his experiences as a camp counselor, and his second book in 2009 about March Madness.

Smith was born in Queens, New York and played college basketball for North Carolina before joining the NBA in 1987 when he was drafted to the Sacramento Kings. He played for a number of franchises including the Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic and Denver Nuggets before retiring in 1997 and joining Turner Sports broadcasting in 1998.

Be sure to look out for the sporty duo in their current Burger King commercial promoting this month’s basketball events!

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Watch Kenny Smith and Seth Davis in the Burger King Commercial: